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Just as there are the heroic Justice League, Justice Society and Legion of Super-Heroes, there exists an organization of the deadliest menaces the world has ever known… the Secret Society of Super-Villains!

Times Past



The Old West

Weird Western Tales: The Devil’s Right Hand

by CSyphrett
published February 27, 2002

The story of Kid Kelly, one of the Old West’s most notorious killers, can finally be told. Before he became Kid Kelly, he was just a thirteen-year-old boy who should have listened to his mother’s warning that a pistol is the Devil’s right hand.

20th century




Secret Origins: Mister Freeze: Times Past, 1978: Virtue and Ice

by HarveyKent
published February 20, 2003

What’s in a name? For George Szerro, a great deal! Learn the tragic tale of how an unfortunate nickname led a young boy from Poland toward a life of crime as the cold-hearted criminal and Batman villain known first as Mister Zero and then as Mister Freeze!

Showcase: Doctor Light: Times Past, 1979: Twenty-Six Light Years from Home

by Martin Maenza
published October 11, 2003

After an experimental transporter strands Doctor Light in the Vegan system, the light-wielding villain must make his way on an alien world! With the technology he has at his disposal, it’s a simple matter to pose as a god, but will his own words trip him up in the end? Guest starring a member of the Green Lantern Corps!

1980 to Early 1985

The Joker: Times Past, 1981: It Takes One to Know One

by HarveyKent
published August 16, 2002

The Riddler kidnaps the Ambassador’s young daughter and leaves the usual clues behind. But with Batman out of town, Commissioner Gordon seeks help deciphering them from an unlikely source — the Joker! But what will convince the Clown Prince of Crime to cooperate with the police? And what secret does the little girl have that makes it so critical for her to be returned safely and quickly?

The Joker: Times Past, 1981: Tricks and Treats

by Martin Maenza
published June 28, 2002

The Joker and his gang take a road trip to a small town outside Central City to retrieve a valuable prize, but there’s just one problem — the Trickster is already robbing the place! The Trickster soon learns the hard way that you don’t cross the Joker, but will he live to tell the tale?

Showcase: The Tattooed Man: Times Past, 1982: Love Inks

by Martin Maenza
published April 13, 2001

The Tattooed Man is trying to keep a low profile while hiding out in Greece, but unexpected love shakes up his world! It isn’t too long before his cover is blown! Guest starring Green Lantern!

Late 1985

DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Villain War

by Martin Maenza, adapted and expanded from Crisis on Infinite Earths #9-10 by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez
published December 31, 2001

A Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover

As the remaining Earths begin to merge together, Brainiac and Lex Luthor of Earth-One have a plan to take them all! With an army of super-villains gathered from all five Earths, they mount a carefully planned invasion of Earth-Four, Earth-S, and Earth-X, swiftly defeating those worlds’ heroes. An army of super-heroes from Earth-One and Earth-Two soon arrive to free the other three Earths, but with the numbers favoring the villains, can the heroes rally to beat the odds? Guest starring the Justice League of America, the Justice Society of America, the New Teen Titans, the Outsiders, Infinity Inc., the Doom Patrol, the Metal Men, the Marvel Family, the Freedom Fighters, and the Sentinels of Justice!

Showcase: Villains: Auld Lang Syne ’85

by Martin Maenza
published December 28, 2002

Celebrate the last hours of 1985 in the Bar Sinister, where the costumed villains go to unwind and socialize, and the Flash’s Rogues Gallery drown their sorrows at the loss of their old foe with a few drinks!


Showcase: Task Force X: Extreme Justice

by Immortalwildcat
published October 23, 2000

While Captain Comet’s Rehab Squad garners the headlines, the government still needs a covert group of meta-humans to handle special cases! Enter Task Force X, nicknamed Extreme Justice, a new team of super-villains given a chance to shave time off their long prison sentences in exchange for participating in dangerous missions! In their first case, they are up against a religious madman with mad dreams of conquest! But who is the true power behind this cult?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Riddler: A Puzzle a Day Keeps Superman at Bay

by HarveyKent
published November 11, 2000

The Puzzler has kidnapped Lois Lane, and the Man of Steel is bombarded with brain-bending puzzles to find her! To whom does Superman turn for aid? Would you believe the Riddler?

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Sinestro: Green Murder

by HarveyKent
published October 19, 2000

Sinestro’s old mentor from the Green Lantern Corps is accused of murder! Who can the renegade Green Lantern turn to in order to help prove him innocent? The World’s Greatest Detective, that’s who!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Reclamation, Book 1: Honor Among Thieves

by Martin Maenza
published April 21, 2001

The Secret Society of Super-Villains is back, and the second Star Sapphire must cut a bargain with the team in order to steal the original Star Sapphire’s gem! There’s just one problem: Carol Ferris hasn’t been on Earth in over a year! Guest starring Green Lantern, and introducing the Tattooed Lady!

Feature: Hi-Jack: Saving Grace

by Philip-Todd Franklin
published November 14, 2003

Hi-Jack, former member of the Royal Flush Gang and the Secret Society of Super-Villains on Earth-One, finds himself on the wartorn world of Earth-X with no idea how to get home. And when he is mistaken for a wealthy California senator during the liberation of Occupied California, things take a strange turn. Can the threat against the family of his parallel universe double turn a hardened criminal into a hero?

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Reclamation, Book 2: Players and Pawns

by Martin Maenza
published May 16, 2001

Fed up with Mirror Master’s delaying tactics, Star Sapphire turns her back on the Secret Society of Super-Villains! But will she find going it alone too dangerous, even when closing a real estate deal? Meanwhile, an unscheduled withdrawal at the Flash Museum in Central City seems suspicious to curator Dexter Myles, even when it’s done by two super-heroes!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Captain Boomerang: Thrown for a Loss

by HarveyKent
published May 24, 2001

When a promising presidential candidate is murdered, Green Arrow goes on the trail of a super-villain assassin-for-hire bureau! Unknown to him, Captain Boomerang is infiltrating the group for Task Force X!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Reclamation, Book 3: A Clash of Queens

by Martin Maenza
published June 23, 2001

It’s Star Sapphire versus Star Sapphire to determine who is the rightful queen of the Zamarons — Remoni-Notra or Carol Ferris! But while the winner gets to reclaim the power gemstone, the loser may come away from the battle with more than just empty hands, since the Secret Society of Super-Villains is involved!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Gorilla Warfare, Book 1: A Hairy Situation

by Martin Maenza
published August 12, 2001

Gorilla Grodd sets Gizmo and Copperhead on a recruitment drive with some interesting results when he needs some troops for his upcoming attack on Gorilla City! But not even the Secret Society of Super-Villains can guess what Grodd plans to do with their new recruits!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Gorilla Warfare, Book 2: Apes of Wrath

by Martin Maenza
published September 23, 2001

The attack on Gorilla City commences, as the super-villains manage to infiltrate the city of the apes through different means. But Gorilla Grodd is in charge of this plan, and he only looks out for himself! Will the Secret Society of Super-Villains be sacrificed to put him on the throne?

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Survivor

by Martin Maenza
published November 2, 2001

After an act of sabotage strands them on an island out at sea, the Secret Society of Super-Villains struggle against nature in a tropical paradise! But how will the team dynamics be altered by their experiences, assuming they can survive the ordeal?


Secret Society of Super-Villains: Rank and File, Book 1: Reflections

by Martin Maenza
published January 19, 2002

It’s a new year and time for the Secret Society of Super-Villains to recruit some new members! Things at the Sinister Citadel are about to be shaken up, when Mirror Master hires Dr. Harleen Quinzel as team psychiatrist! Guest starring Blue Devil, and introducing the new Wildcat!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Rank and File, Book 2: Amateur Hour

by Martin Maenza
published February 12, 2002

The Secret Society of Super-Villains tests out the new recruits by staging simultaneous strikes on STAR Labs in Metropolis, but things don’t go according to plan! It’s hard to get good help these days. Guest starring Superman!

  • Superman: Out for Blood (Blindside, Bloodsport, Power Fist, Secret Society of Super-Villains, Shockwave, Throttle, and Xotar the Weapons Master guest star)

Secret Origins: Secret Society of Super-Villains: Gizmo’s Tale

by Martin Maenza
published February 15, 2002

Before the Secret Society of Super-Villains, before the Fearsome Five, Gizmo was just a self-taught inventor named Mikron O’Geneus! But what prompted Mikron to become a super-villain? Dr. Harleen Quinzel sits down for a session with Gizmo to try to get inside the dwarf’s head and see what makes him tick!

Showcase: Sonar: The Modoran War Journals

by Martin Maenza
published March 8, 2002

Three view points are examined as Sonar make preparations of war in the country of Modora-Granaco!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Funky Business

by Martin Maenza
published March 29, 2002

An unexpected guest shows up at the Sinister Citadel, supposedly for a brief visit. But what is Funky Flashman’s endgame? Meanwhile, Copperhead and Magpie’s relationship takes on a new turn when they each seek to steal the same gem, Gizmo makes another attempt to return Power Fist to normal, and Dr. Harleen Quinzel makes her rounds! Just another day at the office for the Secret Society of Super-Villains!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Don’t Try Anything Funky

by HarveyKent
published April 27, 2002

Funky Flashman gathers a group of third-rate villains for a top-paying masked client! The mission: to track down and kidnap someone to exact revenge! The target: a super-hero who has vanished from the public eye! Or has he? As this impromptu Secret Society of Super-Villains team soon finds out, their target is more dangerous than he looks, and things will never be the same again for some of them! Guest starring Batwoman, Dial H for HERO, the New Titans, and Steel!

Secret Origins: The Huntress and the Sportsmaster: The Games People Play

by Martin Maenza
published April 20, 2002

The history and origin of crime’s infamous couple, the Huntress and the Sportsmaster, is finally revealed! But is there too much water under the bridge for the so-called Mr. and Mrs. Menace to continue their relationship? Dr. Harleen Quinzel is determined to find out! Guest starring Batgirl and Robin, and several other big-name super-heroes and super-villains!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Tech Wars

by Martin Maenza
published June 14, 2002

Gizmo and Trident team up for a little robbery that lands them into a big mess, and now the diminutive genius must rescue his friend from the clutches of an unknown criminal mastermind! How will this affect the Secret Society of Super-Villains in the months to come?

Secret Origins: The Perfunctory Parable of the Purple Pile-Driver

by Doc Quantum
published July 24, 2006

A young man walks into a bar. Oh, wait — you’ve heard this story before? Well, I can guarantee you haven’t heard this one — the one and only tale of how an ordinary guy named Barry Giffen became the laughable super-villain known as the Purple Pile-Driver, one of Superman’s most intentionally ridiculous foes.

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Mirror to the Soul

by Martin Maenza
published May 17, 2002

The truth about how Sam Scudder overcame certain death during the Crisis on Infinite Earths is revealed as an unwelcome visitor drops into the Sinister Citadel! Will Mirror Master’s bargain with the devil spell doom for the Secret Society of Super-Villains?

Secret Society of Super-Villains: The Hidden Menace

by Martin Maenza
published September 10, 2002

There’s a thief in the Sinister Citadel! Yes, there are a whole bunch of thieves there, really, but one of them is stealing from the Secret Society of Super-Villains organization, and Mirror Master is determined to put a stop to it! But is there more to the story than he realizes?

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Hashing it Out

by Martin Maenza
published October 23, 2002

While the world is under siege, the Secret Society of Super-Villains discusses what to do. Should the super-villains intervene in the alien invasion, whether to join the fight against the invaders or to merely capitalize on the situation? Plus, Dr. Harleen Quinzel gets an unexpected call.

Secret Society of Super-Villains: The Three Rs, Plus One

by Martin Maenza
published November 15, 2002

Reading, writing and arithmetic? No way! When it comes to the Secret Society of Super-Villains, it’s recruitments, revelations, and restorations! Oh, and let’s throw in a resignation for good measure!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Reactions

by Martin Maenza
published January 24, 2003

As the Invasion passes, changes in the group and the world around them begin to trouble the team! See how the members of the Secret Society of Super-Villains react to them!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Jihad

by Martin Maenza
published March 22, 2003

The Secret Society of Super-Villains embark on a mission in the Middle Eastern nation of Qurac, only to encounter some serious opposition in the form of President Hurrambi Marlo’s personal super-agents! Meet the Jihad — Rustam, Ravan, Jaculi, Manticore, Chimera, and Djinn!

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Taking Notes

by Martin Maenza
published May 23, 2003

Take a look into the personal files of Dr. Harleen Quinzel as some changes occur at the Sinister Citadel! How will the Secret Society of Super-Villains handle departures, secrets, treachery, and more?

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Special Deliveries

by Martin Maenza
published September 16, 2003

With no time to get to a hospital, the Huntress’ baby is born at the Sinister Citadel! Meanwhile, the members of the Secret Society of Super-Villains are involved in various endeavors as they put the stolen Joker venom to its murderous use!

Secret Origins: What Makes Chronos Tick?

by Martin Maenza
published November 21, 2003

Over dinner, Dr. Harleen Quinzel gets inside the head of David Clinton, alias Chronos the Time Thief, who regales her with the story of what prompted him to become a criminal! But how far will the psychiatrist go to get the results she seeks from the Atom’s arch enemy?

Showcase: World Public Enemies: Reunions

by Libbylawrence
published January 23, 2003

Years ago, Dragon Fly, Silken Spider, and Tiger Moth were known respectively as world public enemy number one, two, and three, but after being tricked by a rival villainess, they were all jailed, and their infamous careers were ended! Now these three former super-criminals are brought back together for a mission of revenge against the villainess who set them up! Will they find what they’re looking for, or something completely unexpected?

Secret Society of Super-Villains: Snake in Our Midst

by Martin Maenza
published December 16, 2003

Mirror Master must figure out who in the Secret Society of Super-Villains is working against him and jeopardizing the secrecy of the organization! With a team made up of rogues and criminals, that’s much easier said than done! Guest starring the Metal Men!

Showcase: The Prankster: Desperate Housewife: A Halloween Tale

by Libbylawrence
published October 23, 2009

A Halloween encounter between the super-villain known as the Prankster and the perfect housewife leaves some doubt as to which one will be tricked and which one will be treated!

Showcase: Villains: Bad Little Boys and Girls

by HarveyKent
published December 22, 2002

How do super-villains celebrate Christmas? See a rare glimpse into the “off-duty” hours of the most dastardly do-badders of all at the Bar Sinister! Meanwhile, who is the mystery man masquerading as Santa Claus?


The Brave and the Bold: Batman and the Toyman: Play Dead

by HarveyKent
published August 4, 2008

Years ago, after Winslow P. Schott went into retirement as the original Toyman, a younger man became the new Toyman, only to be murdered later on by Schott when he came out of retirement. That act of murder has finally caught up with the original Toyman when he finds himself trapped in a house of deadly toys built by the second Toyman’s mother! Luckily for Schott, Batman caught up to him at the same time. But as they make their way deeper and deeper into the house, will this hero and this villain overcome all challenges or meet one final challenge that will overcome them?

Showcase: Black Hand: Black Sheep of the Family

by Libbylawrence
published April 2, 2011

It’s been a long, hard road for William Hand over the past couple of years, and he’s well past due for a homecoming! But for what reason does his older brother have the super-criminal known as the Black Hand temporarily removed from incarceration? Whatever the answer, this is one family reunion that certainly won’t go as planned!

Showcase: Terror of the Toyman

by Starsky Hutch 76
published August 14, 2010

Winslow P. Schott fought Superman for years as the Toyman, but on his deathbed he has nothing left in him to keep up the fight. So when he’s offered a deal with the Devil, what will this mean for the family of the nurse who took care of him in his final days?

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