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Earth-12 is the humor universe of DC Comics where the Inferior Five and a whole host of other characters live. The stories found here were all originally written for the Earth-12 the Farce Continues board at the Five Earths Forum.

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Super Friends

Super Friends: Switcheroo

by Andrew Troy Keller
published January 4, 2003

A chance exposure to red kryptonite causes Superman to switch bodies with Marvin! But will Super-Marvin have enough control over his Kryptonian body to help the Super Friends defeat Superman’s arch-enemy? And will it take the reassurance of a non-powered Superman to give Wendy the confidence she needs to begin dating?

DC Universe: Something Wacky This Way Comes

by Drivtaan, Starsky Hutch 76, Libbylawrence, Brian K. Asbury, Blackwolf247, Comickook and Martin Maenza
published December 17, 2012

An accident causes Brainiac of the Legion of Doom to become Pulsar Stargroove, rhythmic leader of the Legion of Funk! But as the Legion dominates the music charts, strange events happen all over the country. Another team of super-villains with a weakness for fruit pies form together as the Host of Badness! Meanwhile, the Super Friends welcome Apache Chief to their number, and the Teen Titans lose their memories! Will all these threads come together to form one coherent plot? Not at all! That’s why we called in Drivtaan to wrap it all up in the form of an ultimate musical showdown — a battle of the bands! You don’t want to miss this bizarre and peculiar attempt at humor by the Five Earths writers!

Super Friends: The Return of the Elementals

by Libbylawrence
published January 2, 2004

The Super Friends face old friends turned into deadly foes when the four members of the super-hero team called the Elementals attack them! But have they turned evil, or are they being manipulated by an old foe seeking both revenge and release from the trap he’s been in for years?

Teen Titans: The Identity Thief

by Blackwolf247
published May 4, 2004

The Teen Titans have to figure out why they’re losing their memories before none of them can remember who they are! But who are the two rival villains seeking to use the Titans as their pawns, and what role does Lex Luthor play in this story? Guest starring the Flash and Aquaman!

Inferior Five


Plop! features characters in unbelievable but funny (or mildly amusing) non-continuity stories.

Plop! A Cheery Halloween Tale

by Blackwolf247
published October 8, 2003

The gang from a certain long-running TV sitcom dress up like comic-book super-heroes for Halloween. Hijinks ensue!

Plop! A Christmas Travesty

by Drivtaan
published December 8, 2014

It’s mere hours until Santa Claus must begin his Christmas Eve journey delivering presents all around the world, and all the reindeer are sick! Who should come to the rescue? Why, none other than Ambush Bug! No, seriously.

Plop! Conversations of Doom

by Martin Maenza and Starsky Hutch 76
published May 20, 2002

What happens when Solomon Grundy and Bizarro — the two stupidest members of the Legion of Doom — sit next to each other for too long? Conversations of Doom, that’s what.

Plop! A Day in the Life of the Crisis

by Doc Quantum
published May 31, 2001

When a large group of second-string characters gather in the same place, each told that they would find something they sought under a looming black cloud by the mysterious Wolf-Man of Earth-Prime, they can’t help but begin to wonder if they’ve been set up. And just how many ways can Immortal Man die, anyway?

Plop! Justice Society of America: One Night Before Christmas

by Drivtaan
published December 23, 2007

The classic Christmas poem retold — JSA style!

Plop! The Lecture

by Dave Barnowski
published October 30, 2008

An old joke gets new life as Cain questions the audience at a lecture on the supernatural.

Plop! Welcome to Gotham City!

by Harvey Kent
published June 2, 2003

A pamphlet from the local Chamber of Commerce is usually a fairly ordinary, boring, and even mind-numbing piece of literature. But one from Gotham City’s Chamber of Commerce? Now that’s a different story.

Plop! With One Magic Word

by Libbylawrence
published May 4, 2000

A fashionable morning news hostess named Diane Sawy — er, I mean Leanne Sayers is beckoned into an abandoned subway by a strange figure. When she meets the wizard Shaz — ah, I mean Martha Stew — er, that is Marcia Steubbins, will one magic word allow Leanne to become the heroine she’s always wanted to be?