Plop! Justice Society of America: One Night Before Christmas

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Plop! Justice Society of America

One Night Before Christmas

by Drivtaan

The classic Christmas poem retold — JSA style!


’Twas the night before Christmas,
And at the North Pole,
A calamity had struck,
And it was looking no-go.

Chicken soup was cooking,
Hoping it’d do the trick;
Like I said, a calamity,
Because Santa was sick.

Then Mrs. Claus was inspired
On how to save the day;
She put in a call,
To the J.S. of A.

Now, Wildcat was on duty,
When the first call came in.
“Dis must be a joke,”
He said with a grin.

Then came a second call,
But he ignored that one, too.
“Must be dem kids,
“Like that Little Boy Blue.”

Finally, a third call
Saying, “The hour is late.
“Get off your fur,
“And get Doctor Fate!”

So, he sprang to his feet,
Toppling his chair with a crash;
He called on his teammates,
Green Lantern and Flash.

Johnny Thunder and Cei-U appeared
With Doctor Mid-Nite in tow;
Fate, Starman, Atom, and Sandman,
Not a one of them slow.

“The kids need us,” said Johnny,
“So let’s pick up the pace.
“Say, you know, we must hurry;
“We’re off to Santa’s place.”

In the blink of an eye,
They were at the North Pole,
Drinking hot chocolate
To ward off the cold.

“Santa’s schedule is shot,”
Mrs. Claus told the guys,
“The sleigh should already
“Be crossing the skies.

“Even with your help,
“I’m afraid it’s too late;
“We must postpone Christmas,
“‘Til a later date.”

“Not on your life!”
Starman said with a grin;
“We’re the Justice Society,
“And we have a plan.”

So they were off to the stable
Where the sleigh was prepared;
And soon they were ready
To take to the air.

Thanks to the efforts
Of Green Lantern and Fate,
Instead of one sleigh,
Now there were eight.

“I’ll divide up the toys
“And do it real quick.”
And good to his word,
Flash was done in a tick

“But there’s nine of us here,”
Atom included himself.
“Then you ride with me,” said Wildcat
“You’ll be my elf!”

After the laughter,
They were ready to go;
The sleighs were away
Through the cold North Pole snow.

Needless to say,
The heroes succeeded;
Everyone made it
To where they were needed

All over the world,
The children knew joy;
Each had a bright
And shiny new toy

So if you are worried
About Christmas Day,
It’s being taken care of
By the J.S. of A.

The End

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