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Earth-C is the funny animals universe of DC Comics where Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew live. The stories here are from Zoo Crew on Earth-C board at the Five Earths Forum.

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Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew
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Pig-Iron! Alley-Kat-Abra! Fastback! Rubberduck! Yankee Poodle! Little Cheese! Allied with their leapin’ leader, they are Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!

Times Past

Alley-Kat-Abra: Times Past: Who Least Expects It

by Andrew Troy Keller and Doc Quantum
published February 4, 2003

When a familiar stranger arrives, Alley-Kat-Abra learns that, even on a world known as Earth-C, the age-old rule still applies: love comes to she who least expects it. Guest starring a certain occult detective from Loondon!

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew: Times Past: Song of the Siren Belle

by Comickook and T Campbell
published May 16, 2002

The Zoo Crew’s newest foe is the Siren Belle. Since she has the power to control the minds of all males listening to her sing, it’s up to Alley-Kat-Abra and Yankee Poodle to stop her crime spree. But can these two Zoo Crewers stop fighting like cats and dogs long enough to work together?

Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew: Times Past: The Return of A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C.

by SacredScribe
published January 25, 2006

Super-heroes deserve a day off just like the rest of us, don’t they? Well, tell that to Doctor Hoot and the all-new, all-different A.C.R.O.S.T.I.C. as this group of super-villains shows up to spoil the Zoo Crew’s much-deserved beach break! But how can Captain Carrot and the others put a stop to Hoot’s plan when he discovers the secret switch that can turn off the super-heroes’ powers altogether?

Present Day

Duck Phoenix: Diva-ation

by Libbylawrence
published March 20, 2000

When Follywood starlet Feather Locklear panics about her declining career, she gains super-powers from the stress and uses them to become the Duck Phoenix. But when the star of Feleena: Warrior Persian goes on a rampage as her warrior character and Cowthie Lee Gibbons uses a machine to make everyone just like her, will Feather be able to handle both threats at once?

Duck Phoenix: Crisis at the Hammys; or, Hamtastic Bores

by Libbylawrence
published March 24, 2000

At the Hammys — the annual music awards show — musical act after musical act is attacked. Feather Locklear, the Malibaboon-based heroine known as Duck Phoenix, soon learns a team of villains called the Hamtastic Bores is behind the attacks. Can she defeat them all, or will she have to subject the world to her singing in order to make herself the villains’ next target?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Dark Side of the Crew

by T Campbell and Comickook, with Doc Quantum
published June 16, 2002

The Zoo Crew is a team of Earth-C’s greatest super-heroes — its only super-heroes. But what if there existed a world in which Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew had chosen to be villains instead? Visit Earth-Reverse-C, the dark mirror world ruled by the Dark Menagerie, the most feared — and most powerful — super-villains of all! And they aim to stay in power, even if it means a pre-emptive strike on their goody-goody doubles. But as they invade Earth-C, they soon learn the hard way that the Zoo Crew’s greatest assets are their friends. Guest starring Just’a Lotta Animals, a heroic version of Doctor Hoot, and the Siren Belle, with a guest appearance by the Inferior Five!

Matt Mouser, Ala-Kat-Zam: Matt Mouser and the Magic Wand

by CSyphrett
published December 18, 2000

Matt Mouser is nothing more than a stool pigeon on the run from thugs working for the criminal kingpin Fat Kat. That is, until he discovers a magical wand that can do almost anything he wishes it to. Using it, he becomes the super-hero known as Ala-Kat-Zam. But is even the power of the wand enough to keep him safe?

Matt Mouser, Ala-Kat-Zam: Screaming Wheels

by CSyphrett
published April 28, 2001

When gigantic metal-rimmed wheels begin destroying buildings and even whole neighborhoods, Matt Mouser, alias the wizard hero Ala-Kat-Zam, steps in to find out why. But can he find the proof linking the destruction to the crime lord Fat Kat before the screaming wheels leave him in the dust?

Matt Mouser, Ala-Kat-Zam: Wand and Wanda

by CSyphrett
published September 20, 2001

The trial of Fat Kat, kingpin of crime, is about to begin, with stoolie Matt Mouser a chief witness against him. Is it any wonder that Fat Kat wants him and his alter ego Ala-Kat-Zam dead and has hired Feline Faust to do the deed? Good thing the Zoo Crew’s Alley-Kat-Abra is around to watch Matt’s back!

The Bred and the Bald: Rubberduck and Little Cheese: Being With One’s Family

by Andrew Troy Keller
published December 3, 2002

Rubberduck helps his fellow Zoo Crew member, a depressed Little Cheese, find his long-lost mother.

The Bred and the Bald: Captain Carrot and Alley-Kat Abra: Under the Mistletoe

by Comickook
published December 3, 2002

Captain Carrot and Alley-Kat-Abra have been dating for a few months, but Felina Furr is unsure how serious Rodney Rabbit is about her, given his earlier crush on Wonder Wabbit. Will Christmas Eve be the right time for them to express their love?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: Crisis from Earth-L

by Comickook
published July 3, 2002

On the world of Earth-L — which stands for Looney — the Looney Society of Toomerica has stood guard since the golden age. But when an old enemy, the Martian villain known as the War-Ender, returns and escapes into the universe of Earth-C, the Zoo Crew and the Looney Society must team up to put an end to his escapades!

The Bred and the Bald: Super-Squirrel and Wonder Wabbit: No More Excuses

by Comickook
published February 5, 2003

Super-Squirrel decides to take a chance with Wonder Wabbit, who is still heartbroken over Captain Carrot. But is he prepared for what she has to say under the truth-compelling power of the magic lasso?

Yankee Poodle: The Smell of L’Amour

by Comickook
published February 10, 2003

Yankee Poodle has been dating Pepe Le Pew, alias Skirt Chaser, for a few weeks now. Can their new relationship endure when Rova Barkitt decides to play a practical joke on Valentine’s Day?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: Storm Warning

by Comickook and Marc Drayer
published October 7, 2002

The Zoo Crew is approached by a new pterodactyl super-hero called Stormwing, who seeks membership in the team. Before the team can discuss it, Doctor Hoot and a group of the Zoo Crew’s old enemies attack the Z-Building! But the worst is yet to come, when old menaces and new plague Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew in the form of Debbil-Dawg and an evil clone of Stormwing called the Pterror-dactyl! With all this going on, will Stormwing get the chance to prove his worthiness to be the eighth member of the Zoo Crew?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: Easter Gifts, Easter Troubles

by Comickook, Marc Drayer and Andrew Troy Keller
published October 13, 2002

The members of the amazing Zoo Crew are each trying to enjoy Easter when the team is attacked by Power Platypus, who has been magically granted several new super-powers by the Great Gnudini! Can the key to defeating these powerful enemies be a simple Easter gift from a galaxy away? And can Rubberduck’s love life ever recover from this latest debacle?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Signs of Spring

by Comickook and Marc Drayer
published October 15, 2002

Rubberduck is given a second chance to date the Siren Belle after their last date ended in disaster. Meanwhile, Stormwing goes on his first date with the lovely Mandra Mynxbynd. But the evening plans are nearly ended when Mandra’s ex-boyfriend, now known as the super-villain called the Alpha-Bull, crashes the double date! Is a nice, peaceful date night too much to ask for the Zoo Crew?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Big Breakout

by Marc Drayer and Comickook
published October 19, 2002

Things have been quiet for Captain Carrot and his amazing Zoo Crew… too quiet. Is it any wonder that the Alpha-Bull chooses that moment to take his revenge? When every super-villain in Sting-Sting Prison is set free in a big breakout, it proves enough of a distraction for the Zoo Crew to allow Alpha-Bull to attain his real goal: to kidnap Stormwing’s girlfriend, Mandra Mynxbynd! What does he plan to do with her? And with the team divided into two camps, how can they successfully stop both the Alpha-Bull and the escaped super-villains before it’s too late?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: Open Season

by Comickook and Marc Drayer
published February 4, 2003

The Zoo Crew finds itself the target of three assassination attempts on the same day! It’s open season on the Zoo Crew, and the heroes find themselves up against some formidable new foes! Luckily, Captain Carrot and company have some help of their own in the form of the new super-heroine, Mystery Mink! But will the Zoo Crewers ever discover who is behind the kill contract?

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: Bounty Hunter

by Blackwolf247
published March 12, 2003

With a contract out on the team, the last thing the Zoo Crew needs is another super-villain trying to collect the two-billion-dollar bounty. Stink Bomber hopes that by befriending Pig-Iron and the other Zoo Crewers, he can take them down one by one in non-lethal ways. But is this skunk really cut out for the super-villain business, especially when the nefarious Kingpigpen raises the stakes? Introducing Black Lightning Bug!

DC Universe: They Might Be Giants

by Doc Quantum, Comickook, Drivtaan, Philip-Todd Franklin, Blackwolf247 and Cassie Foxx, with T Campbell
published October 9, 2004

Giants roam the earth once more, but the Zoo Crew is nowhere to be found! When the world’s resident super-team is away during an emergency, who do you call in but — the Farm Team? But this group of new and forgotten heroes will have more to deal with than mere giants when they stumble upon a plot from another dimension to take over Earth-C! Introducing Ducktor Quackum, Comic-coo-coo, the Plaid Porcupine, Commander Fowl, Firefox, and their friends and allies, the Outhyders — Black Lightning Bug, Stink Bomber, Where Wolf, and Block Wolf!

Captain Carrot: The Coming of Carrot Girl

by Drivtaan
published January 25, 2012

When Rodney Rabbit’s sixteen-year-old cousin Carol comes for a visit, he has no reason to expect trouble… until she eats one of his cosmic carrots, transforming her into Carrot Girl! But with the fearsome Solar Squid on the loose, can Captain Carrot handle both this villain and a headstrong teenager at the same time? Or does Carrot Girl have what it takes?

Super-Team Family: Goose Egg Hour

A Crisis of Infinite Animals crossover

by Steed703 and Doc Quantum
published February 17, 2001

Buddy Baker is just out shopping with his wife when a giant frog attacks Los Angeles! And who should come to his aid but a walking, talking turtle? Will any member of his team even believe his story long enough to help them stop the menace of Frogzilla in its tracks? Don’t miss this titanic team-up of Animal Man and Guy Gardner of the Conglomerate of Earth-One, and Fastback and Yankee Poodle of the Zoo Crew of Earth-C!

Chowcase: Count Duckula’s House Pest

by Doc Quantum
published October 10, 2021

Count Duckula finds himself utterly bored this Howlloween, longing for the old days of hapless victims and torch-carrying mobs. But when young Billy Bearowitz stumbles into his castle, Duckula quickly discovers that his house guest might just be the worst kind of house pest!

Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew: The Sinister Selfies

by T Campbell
published September 6, 2014

Doctor Hoot has been the Zoo Crew’s main bad guy for a while now, but all of his failed schemes have been too short-sighted. What if there was a way to exploit the modern obsession with smartphones, social media, and selfies? As Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew find themselves blindsided by another attack from a team of super-villains, could they be missing Hoot’s true goal? How can even the greatest heroes of Earth-C overcome a foe who has found a way to make mind-control go viral? Guest starring a villain from the world of Monsters, Inc.! And introducing Whirlybird — is she villain or hero?

Tales of Earth-C-Minus

Lotta Species Heroes: The Other Dark Meat

by Drivtaan
published November 7, 2005

The greatest super-heroes of the thirtieth century, Lotta Species Heroes, realize they must take action when the dreaded Pork Circle makes its attempt to take over the galaxy! And who better than Star Boar to infiltrate the swinish group? Witness the rise and fall of the dreaded Pork Circle!

The New Dogs: The Alpo-kolips Affair

by Drivtaan
published October 30, 2009

A hero finds himself a pawn in a wager between two opposing forces when OMAK, the One Moose Animal Kingdom, is sent to Alpo-kolips to reach the fortress of its lord and master on a secret quest. But even the fearsome Barkseid dreads what will happen if OMAK arrives, and he does everything he can to keep him away. Guest starring Mister Miracollar and several of the New Dogs!

Chowcase: Santa Claws: The Christmas Rescue

by Drivtaan
published December 9, 2009

When Santa Claws has to make an emergency, he receives help from a most incredible source.