DC Universe: They Might Be Giants

DC Universe: They Might Be Giants: The Five Earths Project

DC Universe

They Might Be Giants

by Doc Quantum, Comickook, Drivtaan, Philip-Todd Franklin, Blackwolf247 and Cassie Foxx, with T Campbell

Giants roam the earth once more, but the Zoo Crew is nowhere to be found! When the world’s resident super-team is away during an emergency, who do you call in but — the Farm Team? But this group of new and forgotten heroes will have more to deal with than mere giants when they stumble upon a plot from another dimension to take over Earth-C! Introducing Ducktor Quackum, Comic-coo-coo, the Plaid Porcupine, Commander Fowl, Firefox, and their friends and allies, the Outhyders — Black Lightning Bug, Stink Bomber, Where Wolf, and Block Wolf!

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