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The stories found here deal with what happened on Earth-3 (which now exists in the antimatter universe of Qward) after the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths and come from the Earth-Three Remembered board at the Five Earths Forum. They focus on the Crime Syndicate, Alexander Luthor, the Weaponers of Qward and other characters published by DC Comics. New but familiar characters have also been introduced along the way. See the Timeline of Earth-3 for more information on Earth-3’s history and characters.

You can read the stories here in three different ways: by character titles, by chronological order, or by author. All new published stories will be promoted on the Five Earths Project website. You can receive all new stories from this section through Google Reader by subscribing to the Earth-3 RSS feed.

Earth-3 Titles

Times Past







Crime Syndicate of America: The Forgotten Earth

by Libbylawrence and Doc Quantum
published July 18, 2000

The Crime Syndicate, Alexander Luthor, and the entire world of Earth-Three died at the beginning of the Crisis on Infinite Earths — or did they? Luthor awakes to find that the antimatter universe has somehow absorbed the world of Earth-Three, but that’s the least of his worries when his power suit becomes depleted of energy. And when a new Lawless League attacks the world and aims to conquer it, will Luthor have to free the Crime Syndicate of America in order to stop one menace with another? Featuring the debut of Luthor’s psychic sister Lena Luthor and his android assistant Brainiac!


Secret Origins: Superwoman: No Sanctuary

by Libbylawrence
published September 28, 2001

Queen Hippolyta of Sanctuary Isle, leader of the Amazons, reminisces about her headstrong daughter Diana and the events that led her to become the villainess of man’s world called Superwoman.

Crime Syndicate of America: Earth-Three Remembered

by Libbylawrence
published July 21, 2000

For the past year the Lawless League has reigned as Earth’s conquerors, with no one strong enough to oppose them! As Alexander Luthor and Brainiac strive to find a way to free their world, the members of the Crime Syndicate of America slowly but surely begin to remember their former lives! The world waits in anticipation for the Crime Syndicate to have its final showdown with the Lawless League, but who will emerge the victor? Introducing Owlman’s teen partner Raven, as well as two new members of the Crime Syndicate: Microbe and the Martian Murderer!


Crime Syndicate of America: Enter Amazo

by Libbylawrence
published January 20, 2001

Alexander Luthor and his assistant Brainiac have invented a weapon that has the power to defeat the Crime Syndicate once and for all. But even with all of the Syndicate’s powers at its disposal, can the synthezoid known as Amazo finally bring freedom to Earth-Three? And how can Luthor avoid the deadly fate that his precognitive sister Lena has predicted will happen to him?

Crime Syndicate of America: The Secret Society of Super-Heroes

by HarveyKent
published August 31, 2000

After so many years of the Crime Syndicate terrorizing Earth-Three, Alexander Luthor has had enough. Reasoning that heroic counterparts of Earth-One and Earth-Two villains must exist on Earth-Three, Luthor seeks them out and builds a Secret Society of Super-Heroes. But when the Syndicate learns of the existence of several new super-heroes, they respond by adding new super-villains to their team. Will the novice heroes of the Secret Society have what it takes to beat the bad guys? Featuring the debut of the super-heroes known as the Clown, Yellow Flame, the Lynx, and Doctor Shadow, and the super-villains known as Doctor Chaos, Sundown, Deadeye, and Rubberneck.

Crime Syndicate of America: The Brethren

by Libbylawrence
published August 31, 2001

For years, an evil mutant named Adam Blake has manipulated the world’s governments from secret, using his amazing telepathic and telekinetic powers. After years of planning, he sets his Brethren of Mutants against the Crime Syndicate, intending to take them down along with anyone else he deems a threat. But with the fate of the human race hanging in the balance, will the Syndicate be able to save their own skins and stop the Brethren? Featuring the debut of the mutants known as Centigrade, Excelsior, Storm, and the mysterious Joshua.

Showcase: A Girl Named Arcane

by Earth Elemental 99
published September 12, 2001

On Earth-One, Abigail Arcane is the lover of the Swamp Thing and the innocent niece of the evil Anton Arcane. But on Earth-Three, where heroes are villains and villains are heroes, the Baroness Abigail Arcane is powerful and utterly ruthless. What is the secret of her creation, and how is that connected to the strange patchwork teddy bear she carries with her?

Crime Syndicate of America: Strange Visitors

by Libbylawrence
published October 5, 2001

Three strange visitors from outer space arrive on Earth — Lady Shrike of Thanagar, Ultragirl of Krypton, and the alien-raised human Terra-Man. But why is Lady Shrike on the run? And what vendetta does Ultragirl have against Ultraman? And what is Terra-Man’s secret?

Crime Syndicate of America: The Monster Society of Good

by Libbylawrence
published November 26, 2001

In the wake of Alexander Luthor’s apparent death, the Crime Syndicate rejoices. But their glee is short-lived as the brilliant Dr. Thaddeus Atlanta, world’s kindest scientist, assembles his Monster Society of Good to combat them. Can even the powerful Crime Syndicate withstand an attack by the Monster Society? Introducing the icy Frost Queen, the man-monster named Hiram Goldman, the shark-like Great White, the energy-man Triple-X, the strongwoman named Giganta, and the werewolf called She-Wolf.

Crime Syndicate of America: Tyrants and Champions

by Libbylawrence
published September 2, 2002

With the heavy-hitters in the Crime Syndicate now trapped and effectively imprisoned in Suspendium on the moon, the remaining members decide to continue on with a lower profile after taking on a new member called the Silk Canary. But when the original Crime Syndicators return as crime-fighters, their former allies are left wondering what happened to them and what this mysterious Illumino has to do with it. Can Doctor Chaos free his allies from Illumino’s control with the help of the Dark Stranger? Meanwhile, on the planet Rann, the very much alive Alexander Luthor and Lady Shrike learn that they were kidnapped from the Earth by an alien scientist named Ranjar Ro to free the planet Rann from its tyrant — the Earthman Alec Strange. Will Luthor be able to free Rann from Strange’s control and return to Earth before Lady Shrike can betray him?

Showcase: Monday’s Child

by John M. Burt
published August 2, 2002

Three criminals wander deep into the marshlands, murder on their minds, when they encounter a chalk-skinned “swamp monster” with motives that none of them could ever possibly fathom! Discover why they say that Monday’s Child is fair of face!

Owlman: My Beginning, and My Probable End

by Libbylawrence, with Doc Quantum
published August 23, 2011

Owlman and Raven try to learn who is behind the string of minor new heroes that have been plaguing them for months now! But as the answers lead to new challenges, they also dredge up old memories! Exactly why did Dr. Thomas Wayne, Gotham City’s most renowned physician and philanthropist, turn to a life of crime? And is Owlman still capable of choosing a different path? Introducing the Red Hood, Red Raven, and La Mano Aperta, the Open Hand!


30th Century

DC Universe: Enter the Defender

by Libbylawrence
published June 30, 2011

Earth-Three’s future is ruled by the Legion of Ultra-Villains, but for the first time a hero might just challenge them! And it will take a voyage through time and to a parallel universe to transform Urthlo 5, the last descendant of Alexander Luthor, into the Defender! Guest starring the Faultless Five, the Crime Syndicate of America, and the Adult Legion of Super-Heroes!