Superboy: 1967: Through the Looking Glass

Superboy of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project


Times Past, 1967

Through the Looking Glass

by ManOMight1974

Superboy is stranded on the dark mirror world of Earth-33 without a way to get home, all at the mercy of his evil counterpart, Ultraboy! But as the Boy of Steel plans for his next confrontation with the Smallville scoundrel, it becomes increasingly obvious that Ultraboy has brought him to his world for a reason. Could it be that Superboy has to train a group of would-be super-heroes in order to simply give Ultraboy a challenge on this topsy-turvy world where evil always triumphs over good? And will Alex Luthor of that world finally become the hero he was always meant to be? Guest starring the Earth-33 counterparts of several heroes and villains of Earth-One!

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