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Rocketed as a baby from the exploding planet Krypton, Kal-El grew to manhood on Earth — whose yellow sun and lighter gravity gave him fantastic super-powers! In the city of Metropolis, he poses as mild-mannered newsman Clark Kent — but battles evil all over the Earth — and beyond — as Superman!

Times Past

Superbaby era

Superboy era

Superboy: Times Past, 1967: The Mirror Cracked

by ManOMight1974
published December 28, 2011

Superboy has his hands full when an evil doppelgänger from a parallel universe visits Smallville, looking for a fight. Can the Boy of Steel and Krypto the Superdog prevail against two foes who have all their strengths and more? Introducing Ultraboy and Neutro the Ultradog of Earth-33!

Superboy: Times Past, 1967: Through the Looking Glass

by ManOMight1974
published September 5, 2012

Superboy is stranded on the dark mirror world of Earth-33 without a way to get home, all at the mercy of his evil counterpart, Ultraboy! But as the Boy of Steel plans for his next confrontation with the Smallville scoundrel, it becomes increasingly obvious that Ultraboy has brought him to his world for a reason. Could it be that Superboy has to train a group of would-be super-heroes in order to simply give Ultraboy a challenge on this topsy-turvy world where evil always triumphs over good? And will Alex Luthor of that world finally become the hero he was always meant to be? Guest starring the Earth-33 counterparts of several heroes and villains of Earth-One!

Superman era

World’s Finest: Superman and Batman: Times Past, 1977: The Devil to Pay

by HarveyKent
published May 11, 2004

Why is Batman the bravest man Superman had ever met? The answer lies in this past case, wherein the Riddler must defeat Superman, Batman, and Robin or face the fires of Hell itself! But will even the World’s Finest team be able to prevail over the familiar foes they meet in the Inferno?

Superman Family: Superman and Supergirl: Times Past, 1979: Rocks and a Hard Place

A Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters story

by Martin Maenza
published February 21, 2003

The Kryptonian cousins, Superman and Supergirl, face a threat from space when they investigate the source of a new series of meteor showers threatening Earth. When the parties behind it turn out to be Brainiac and Sinestro, the Man and Maid of Steel have their work cut out for them!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Karate Kid: Times Past, 1982: A Matter of Mind

by Martin Maenza
published May 10, 2003

Superman and Karate Kid face a threat when they both respond to a blob-like monster threatening New York City! But when Karate Kid begins acting strangely, putting the two Legionnaire friends at odds with one another, is there something more happening here?

Supergirl: Times Past, 1983: Emotional Rescue

by Libbylawrence
published May 8, 2000

Supergirl is alarmed to find that she can no longer control her emotions! Has the Maid of Steel gone crazy, or is someone behind her lack of control? More importantly, is he friend or foe?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Teen Titans: Times Past, 1984: Times of the Titans

by HarveyKent
published December 17, 2000

In a story spanning seventeen years and four different eras, Superboy’s battle with two aliens has repercussions in the decades that follow, when Superman teams up with all three incarnations of the Teen Titans! Witness the original Teen Titans and Superman take on the Terrible Trio! See Superman, the Teen Titans, and Teen Titans West battle the Injustice Gang, with tragic consequences! And finally, watch as Superman and the New Teen Titans battle Lex Luthor and his powerful android Supremo, only to inadvertently cause the return of the two aliens who started it all!

Supergirl: Times Past, 1984: Daughter of Paradise

by Libbylawrence
published June 23, 2000

When the spiteful god Eros causes Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and Nubia to vanish from history, their mother Queen Hippolyta calls upon her other adopted daughter Kara Zor-El for help! But since only the Amazon Princess can break the spell of the Fates, Supergirl must temporarily become a new Wonder Woman! But while battling a few mythological menaces poses few problems for the Maid of Steel, is she prepared when Eros forces her to confront all the men she has ever loved?

Late 1985 to 1986

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Human Target: Target: Clark Kent

by Harvey Kent
published September 23, 2000

Somebody wants Clark Kent dead! Disguised as Kent, Christopher Chance, the Human Target, must keep from getting killed, while Superman tracks down the would-be assassin!

Superman Family: Recovery

by Starsky Hutch 76
published February 7, 2000

After Mr. Mxyzptlk dropped Argo City on Metropolis, Superman was left with a deadly case of green kryptonite poisoning. Will he survive? With a little help from his friends he just might. But to make it happen Superwoman and the Supergirl from the future must recover the fabled Sword of Superman.

Tales of the Bizarro World: The Last Bizarro

by Starsky Hutch 76
published March 21, 2000

When Mr. Mxyzptlk destroyed Bizarro World, its leading citizen, Bizarro No. 1, fired a rocket containing his child into the center of his planet. Amazingly, he survived! But now, can he survive the Superman Revenge Squad? Fortunately, he has some unseen help in the form of the Bizarro imp, Bizarro-Kltpzyxm.

Superman Family: Superwoman: A Bad Day

by Starsky Hutch 76
published May 14, 2002

Kristin Wells, a history professor from the 29th century, has only recently become the costumed Superwoman full-time, and most of her adventures are ahead of her. In this early case, Superwoman learns a hard lesson about being a hero.

Ambush Bug: Let the Buggy Bizarro

by GDL 629 19136
published July 5, 2000

If you think being a Continuity Cop is easy, just watch as Jonni DC’s life is made a living hell when she goes toe-to-toe with the original continuity nightmare himself: Ambush Bug! Guest starring Superman (and a bunch of other characters that shouldn’t be in this story), and introducing a new generation of Bizarros — Bizarro No. 2, Bizarro-Ambush Bug, and Bizarro-Cheeks the Toy Wonder!

Superman: Kryptonite City

by Starsky Hutch 76, with Immortalwildcat
published October 16, 2000

It’s time to clean up Metropolis. But two of Superman’s deadliest enemies, Lex Luthor and Kobra, have designs on and plans of their own for the several tons of kryptonite that are being removed from its streets! With Ra’s al Ghul added into the mix, can Superman and his allies stop the plans to turn Metropolis into a Kryptonite City? Guest starring the Green Lantern Corps and Firestorm the Nuclear Man!

Superman: The Apokolips Factor

by PDebord
published June 17, 2000

When Darkseid unleashes Lady Death upon the Earth, is Superman prepared to deal not only with her sheer power but with what she represents? In a quest that takes them through time and space, Superman learns what secret lies behind the lead-lined armor of this emissary of Apokolips! Guest starring the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Phantom Stranger, and Batman!

Supergirl: A Hard Act to Follow

by Starsky Hutch 76
published April 15, 2000

Lydia-7, the Supergirl from 500,000 years in the future, discovers her ancestor’s shoes are very hard to fill as she attempts to make a new life for herself in the 20th century.

Krypto the Superdog: A Dog and His Boy

by Starsky Hutch 76
published March 23, 2001

The Shakespeares, having just adopted the former Bizarro-Junior No. 1, are desperately afraid that they’ll lose the newest addition to their household to Superman! What they don’t realize is that the real threat to young Kent Shakespeare will come from outer space! Luckily, help is on the way in the form of Krypto the Superdog!

World of New Krypton: Supergirl and Valor: Homecoming

by Libbylawrence and Starsky Hutch 76
published May 31, 2000

The Supergirl from the far future and Valor, the current heirs to the Maid of Steel, seek their roots on Rokyn while trying not to get killed or kill each other doing so! But what dangerous family secrets lie behind Lesla-Lar’s birth? And will Lydia-7 ever learn who her own direct ancestor was? Featuring the return of the Phantom Zone villains and the debut of Ultra Girl and Rokyn’s Green Lantern!

Superman: Planetary Matters

by Immortalwildcat
published March 5, 2001

With Metropolis restored, life is beginning to return to normal for the Man of Steel. That is, until Superman becomes the target of a surprising old foe! But what does Ra’s al Ghul want with the Daily Planet, and how will that lead to disaster?

Superman: The Private Life of Clark Kent: Skin Deep

by Starsky Hutch 76
published February 2, 2001

As the Last Son of Krypton, Clark Kent only thought he knew what isolation was. But after an encounter with red kryptonite makes Superman appear black during a trip into the Deep South, he soon finds out he had no idea!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Riddler: A Puzzle a Day Keeps Superman at Bay

by HarveyKent
published November 11, 2000

The Puzzler has kidnapped Lois Lane, and the Man of Steel is bombarded with brain-bending puzzles to find her! To whom does Superman turn for aid? Would you believe the Riddler?

Superman: Welcome Home, Soldier

by Andrew Troy Keller
published May 24, 2001

Clark Kent has a surprise encounter on Memorial Day as he visits Arlington Cemetery and meets the Unknown Soldier!

World of New Krypton: New World Order

by Starsky Hutch 76
published July 3, 2000

The colony world of Rokyn is a society in its fledgling stages, but unfortunately its growing pains come in the form of General Zod and the other escaped prisoners of the Phantom Zone! Luckily for New Krypton, Nightwing and Flamebird are on the job! Introducing the Rondor!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Arisia: To Honor and Obey and Kill

by Libbylawrence
published February 14, 2001

After both Superman and the Green Lantern Corps member known as Arisia fight battles with two powerful figures, they discover that they have been manipulated into making a very difficult choice — one life for another. But while the Man of Steel is willing to sacrifice his very life to save a fallen hero, Arisia may make a sacrifice of her own!

World of New Krypton: Family Crisis

by Libbylawrence
published June 21, 2000

When Nim-El threatens to build the ultimate weapon to destroy crime on Rokyn for good, Lesla wonders if she’s finally found her father only to see him go mad. Meanwhile, learn the final fate of Yllura, alias Ultra Girl.

Showcase: Powergirl: Crisis on Rokyn

by PDebord
published October 11, 2000

As Lady Death amends her ways, she takes on an Earth identity and starts over a new life as Karen Sorrell. But when this supposed Supergirl clone learns of Darkseid’s plans for New Krypton, she must work with Orion and the heroes of Rokyn to fend off an invasion. Featuring the debut of Earth-1’s Powergirl!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Madame Xanadu: Retribution

by Libbylawrence
published January 5, 2001

The entire staff of the Daily Planet suddenly finds itself under a cloud of depression, almost crippling each one with regret and self-doubt. It is fortunate, then, that Jimmy Olsen finds himself wandering into the shop of Madame Xanadu. Only she can lend Superman the strength and hope to outwardly fight this inner battle.

Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen: By Air or By Sea

by Libbylawrence
published October 22, 2000

When Captain Compass goes missing, Jimmy Olsen goes on a sea voyage to investigate his disappearance and instead finds himself in the middle of a mobster convention! And when the ship is hijacked by a flying pirate ship, can even Superman’s pal solve this crime at sea? Guest starring Superman, Lois Lane, and Angel and the Ape!

Birds of Prey: Capital Offense

by Martin Maenza
published June 21, 2002

The criminal organization known as the 1000 want to take over the White House by illegal means — the assassination of the President of the United States! But can three powerful women — Superwoman, Batwoman, and Firehawk, together teamed up as the Birds of Prey — manage to stop a hit man who can look like anyone?

World’s Finest: Superman and Batman: My Enemy, My Friend, Myself

by Libbylawrence
published April 8, 2002

Jimmy Olsen becomes Flamebird again to enlist Nightwing in a plan to save Superman and Batman from each other!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Ray Palmer: Hardly a Small Problem

by Martin Maenza
published April 13, 2002

Returning to Earth from a routine space mission, Superman discovers that he has a growing difficulty that requires the help of an old friend. Will Ray Palmer have the solution to the Man of Steel’s small problem?

World’s Finest: Superman and Batman: Of Mainframes and Timeframes

by Libbylawrence
published May 29, 2001

Superman and Batman join alternate timeline “family members” to solve a mystery.

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Insect Queen: Peril of the Puppet Justice League

by HarveyKent
published July 18, 2001

An old friend of Lana Lang’s is dead, and Batman and Insect Queen join forces to find out why! Along the way they run afoul of — living Justice League puppets?

Blue Devil: War of the Devils

Part 4 of The Lazarus Tremaine Saga

by CSyphrett
published July 11, 2001

When Dan Cassidy’s car breaks down in the desert, he never thought he would have to deal with two demons of the night. But that’s exactly what happens when Blue Devil encounters not only the undead ghoul named Lazarus Tremaine, but also the alter ego of Lazarus Lane known as El Diablo!

Super-Team Family: Starman and Superman: The Final Night

by Libbylawrence
published June 26, 2001

The Earth is menaced when the living star called Aquarius attempts to devour the Sun, and only one hero can stop him — Starman! But as Will Payton risks his life to save the world, he must do so while confronting the mysterious changes to his powers he has undergone of late. Can Superman provide the assistance he needs, or must Starman go it alone?

Secret Origins: Cannonball: Hero for Hire

by Libbylawrence
published July 24, 2001

Cannonball, the corporate crusader and star of the hit TV show Hero For Hire, enjoys the good life in Metropolis in front of the television camera! But what life and death battle propelled Ryan Chase, the retired former hero called the Human Cannonball, into heroic super-stardom? Daily Planet reporter Meg Tempest is determined to learn the true story! Guest starring Superman!


Superman: Out for Blood

by Martin Maenza
published February 12, 2002

Bloodsport is armed with an unlimited arsenal, and the Man of Steel is the first one in his sights! Who is the secret benefactor to this maniacal killer? Guest starring the Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Supergirl: Time and Mind

by Libbylawrence
published November 3, 2001

Lydia Lee must learn why old foes of her ancestor’s keep returning to menace her. And then the Maid of Steel’s secret identity is at risk as a woman from the original Supergirl’s past is threatened by a mysterious menace. Who are the two classic super-villains behind these latest threats?

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Jimmy Olsen: Written in the Stars

by HarveyKent
published January 19, 2002

Superman’s pal, Jimmy Olsen, comes to Gotham City when the Planet Master goes on a crime spree! Can Mr. Action himself help the Darknight Detective smash the celestial criminal’s plans?

Supergirl: Spellbound

by Libbylawrence
published January 3, 2002

When Kara Zor-El’s old foes Nasty Luthor and Brains team up to plot against the new Supergirl, the Girl of Steel has her work cut out for her when she fights the new Spellbinder, a foe she literally can’t defeat. Or can she?

Ambush Bug: The Big Schwab

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from The Big Lebowski, screenplay by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen
published April 1, 2003

Times like these call for an Ambush Bug! A case of mistaken identity leads Irwin Schwab into what should be a straightforward kidnapping case. But it takes guys as simple as the Bug and Scabbard to make a situation this complicated… and they’d really rather be bowling.

Superwoman: Terror on the Tarmac

by Martin Maenza
published May 24, 2002

Kristin Wells finds that the friendly skies aren’t so friendly when there is a madman out for revenge! Is Superwoman ready for the debut of the new Microwave Man?

Superman Family: The Legacy

by Starsky Hutch 76
published November 13, 2001

On the anniversary of Supergirl’s arrival on Earth, her widower Salkor shares a startling secret with Superman when he brings to Earth a very special child named Jasma. But when the Superman Family has a reunion to honor Kara Zor-El’s memory, are they prepared for other, much darker secrets to be dredged up? Guest starring Superwoman, Supergirl II, Valor, and Powergirl! Also featuring Darkseid and the Female Furies!

Superman: Babe on the Run

by Starsky Hutch 76
published April 14, 2002

While Superman’s away, Jasma will play! How in the world will even the Man of Steel juggle being both a father and the world’s greatest hero? Luckily, he gets help from Superwoman and a super-nanny from Rokyn, Aunt Gerta. It’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in the life of Clark Kent!

Superman: Solitude Interrupted

An Invasion crossover

by Starsky Hutch 76
published July 16, 2002

As Superman visits his Fortress of Solitude to do some routine maintenance, he’s attacked by a deadly and unexpected foe who removes his powers! How will a de-powered Superman fare against the main man called Lobo?

Superman: Rokyn Attacked

An Invasion crossover

by Starsky Hutch 76
published September 27, 2002

Superman answers a distress call from his people, who have been attacked by the Alien Alliance invasion forces. But when Superman arrives on the planet Rokyn, will he be prepared to confront a new but familiar version of his old enemy, Brainiac? Introducing the new Green Lantern of Rokyn, Valura Tur-Thol!

Supergirl: When Aliens Attack

An Invasion crossover

by Libbylawrence
published September 10, 2002

The Maid of Steel becomes a target when she is attacked by the Kryptonian Killer himself, the space-pirate Amalak! But when she is saved by another alien predator called the Kraken, is she only going from the frying pan into the fire?

The Brave and the Bold: The Flash and Superwoman: The Communications Race

An Invasion crossover

by Martin Maenza
published September 17, 2002

It’s a race across the globe to spread the word about the JLA’s battle plan for victory! Cameos galore!

Lois Lane: Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

An Invasion crossover

by Martin Maenza
published October 1, 2002

In the midst of the Invasion, Lois Lane pens a commentary on true heroism for the Daily Planet.

The Brave and the Bold: Blue Devil and Changeling: Panic Hollywood

by Martin Maenza
published March 1, 2003

Years ago, stuntman Dan Cassidy met actor Garfield Logan on the set of the sci-fi TV show Space Trek 2022. And now, the two old friends team up for the first time as Blue Devil and Changeling to battle a strange threat in Tinsel Town that leaves them dazzled!

Superman: Revelations

by Starsky Hutch 76
published May 23, 2003

What is Steve Lombard’s best-kept secret? Is Superman really the father of Kent Shakespeare? And is the world (and Lois Lane) ready to learn that Superman and Superwoman are officially a couple? See for yourself which secrets of Superman and his close friends are revealed and which ones are kept!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Sea Devils: The X-odus Agenda

by HarveyKent
published March 20, 2003

Captain X, a brooding, Byronic figure under the sea, was sometimes an enemy and sometimes an ally of the Sea Devils in the past. Why has he returned now with a fantastic new scheme involving Superman?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Atom: Bugged

by Libbylawrence
published April 5, 2003

The theft of Lana Lang’s bio-ring, which has granted her the powers of the Insect Queen since she was a teenager, marks the beginning of a string of crimes in Metropolis! Superman and the Atom, fellow JLAers, soon find themselves on the trail of the teenage daughter of the late Bug-Eyed Bandit. But is she the mastermind behind these crimes or just a pawn of a new foe? Guest starring Ray Palmer, theoretical physicist!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Starman: The Stars My Execution?

by Libbylawrence
published April 12, 2003

Starman, a living generator, finds the unique properties of his body being used as a weapon against Superman! Can Starman recover in time to stop Genia’s latest ploy to destroy the Man of Steel?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Red Tornado: Storm Warning

by Libbylawrence
published September 5, 2003

The Man of Steel tries to solve the mystery of an apparent assault on T.O. Morrow by his JLA ally, the Red Tornado! But is Superman and his android ally prepared to confront the real threat when the sister of an old dead enemy takes her revenge?

Tales of the Bizarro World: Bizarre Search

by Martin Maenza
published April 25, 2003

What am Bizarros consider entertaining? Find out as we look in on that madcap, cube-shaped world, where Bizarro-Ambush Bug hosts a talent show!

Ambush Bug: Health Crazed

by Starsky Hutch 76
published December 28, 2011

When a health nut goes nuts over all the unhealthy sugary candies one Halloween, it’s up to the Ambush Bug to put a stop to the rampage of Trim Fitbody!

Superman: All Mxyed Up

by Starsky Hutch 76 and Martin Maenza
published December 25, 2003

Superman’s friends and family are plagued by that troublesome imp from the fifth dimension! But when Mr. Mxyzptlk reveals his true objective — to marry either Lois Lane or Kristin Wells (Superwoman) — who will Superman choose to save from wedded misery? Guest starring Supergirl and other members of the Superman family!

Superman: Fist Full of Shadows

by Starsky Hutch 76
published February 14, 2004

Superman faces a tough new foe as Tex Arcana, an alternate version of Terra-Man, hits the streets of Metropolis! Meanwhile, Steve Lombard faces tough criticism as he begins a new phase in his career!

Superman: Just Saying Thanks

by HarveyKent
published November 24, 2004

As Clark Kent (Superman) heads back to Smallville to spend time with family, his Thanksgiving celebration is interrupted by the appearance of an old foe — Lex Luthor. But what does this vile villain have planned for the day of giving thanks?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Changeling: Kids from One to Ninety-Two

by HarveyKent
published December 13, 2003

An old foe has a special Christmas gift for Metropolis, causing adults to briefly regress into children, but the gift packs a punch perhaps even the giver hadn’t counted on! Can Superman and Changeling of the New Titans track down the villain responsible for taking advantage of this current dilemma before anyone else gets hurt?


DC Comics Presents: Superman and Doctor Light: Reflections and Refractions

by Libbylawrence
published August 5, 2004

While Superman is visiting Japan, he finds himself subject to severe fluctuations in his power levels, threatening all those around him! Meanwhile, the heroic Doctor Light of Japan must deal with her own personal demons in time to battle a newly powerful villain back from the dead! And she will become that villain’s pawn once more unless she receives help from the Man of Steel!

Superman: Serpent in the Sand

by Starsky Hutch 76
published October 20, 2008

Kobra, leader of the notorious Cobra Cult, overthrows the dictator of Kahndaq and takes over as leader, and the people love him for it. But when Lex Luthor attacks Kahndaq to settle his feud with Kobra once and for all, will the Naja-Naja resort to allying himself with Superman to battle their common enemy?

Tales of the Bizarro World: The Bizarro-Bat-Mite

by Blackwolf247
published September 22, 2005

Bizarro No. 2’s latest lamebrain idea is to create a Bizarro version of Bat-Mite to help Bizarro-Batman. Hilarity ensues.

Superman: Gotcha!

A Martian Chronicles crossover

by Libbylawrence
published June 11, 2011

Superman discovers how the Martian conspiracy has affected his own life when he encounters several old foes who aren’t exactly what they appear to be! What are the secrets that he discovers about a not-so-new foe — and a friend? Guest starring the Supergirl from 500,000 years in the future, and introducing Miss Martian!

Superman: The Unkindest Cut

by Starsky Hutch 76, with Doc Quantum, Frank G. Murdock, Immortalwildcat and Libbylawrence
published June 12, 2011

When Superman was a Superboy, he discovered that his parents Jor-El and Lara had survived Krypton’s explosion, but had contracted a fatal case of anti-kryptonite poisoning and were unable to be revived without killing them! In the present, Brainiac reunites Superman with his parents in the worst way — by making him watch them die! But fate has other plans for all of them when Superman seeks the help of Hun’ya, ruler of the Scrubb Empire, who once fought Muhammad Ali! Guest starring Superwoman, Blue Devil, the Omega Men, Valura Tur-Thol, and Lobo!

The New Superboy Adventures: Growing Pains

by Starsky Hutch 76
published July 5, 2011

When Kent Shakespeare (the former Bizarro-Junior No. 1) unexpectedly grows overnight to his true age of a teenager, his adoptive parents struggle with the change and the boy’s desire to become the new Superboy. Have they also outgrown their remote mountain home? Guest starring Lois Lane and Bizarro No. 1!

Tales of the Bizarro World: Satan Baby

by Brian K. Asbury and Doc Quantum
published December 20, 2014

Something is amiss this Christmas season on the Bizarro World. Contrary to the Bizarro Code, someone has been delivering presents and bringing joy to children all across the planet of Htrae, all while impersonating that great villain of villains, Satan Claus! Bizarro No. 2 must find the person responsible for this great crime, or the Bizarro-ness of the Bizarro World will be in jeopardy! Guest starring Bizarro-Ambush Bug, Bizarro-Batman, Bizarro-Jimmy Olsen, and many others!

Superman Family: Naughty or Nice

by Starsky Hutch 76
published December 23, 2015

Little Jasma Kent and Diana of Paradise Island have their hands full trying to save Christmas from the Krampus, who is punishing naughty children before the Yuletide season! But can even a Tyke of Steel and a Wonder Tot stop this mythological menace?

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