Justice League of America: 1983: When Comes the Conqueror

Justice League of America: The Five Earths Project

Justice League of America

Times Past, 1983

When Comes the Conqueror

by Libbylawrence

Doctor Mist, an ancient mystic with power beyond understanding, appears before the Justice League of America to team them up with the Global Guardians in order to face super-villains acting on behalf of the equally ancient Conqueror! But even as the two teams work together to stop these henchmen from completing their tasks, are the heroes merely being distracted from the Conqueror’s true goals? Meanwhile, Green Arrow confronts Doctor Mist over why the most powerful man on Earth needs agents to do his work!

Author’s note: Although this tale uses the premise of “The Man Who Collected Villains,” The Super Friends #45 (June, 1981) and “The Conqueror’s Greatest Conquest,” The Super Friends #46 (July, 1981), it is not a true adaptation but an original story.

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