The Flash: The Funeral of Barry Allen, Chapter 2: The League’s Losses

by Hitman 44077

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Kid Flash sped toward Detroit and the JLA Bunker located there, searching for Ralph Dibny. Entering the bunker, however, there was no sign of any Justice Leaguers, except for J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter, sitting down at a table.

Looking at the Manhunter, he eyed the despondent look that was written on his face. “J’onn?” asked Kid Flash, concerned.

“Wally,” the Manhunter responded, trying his best to keep himself strong, but failing. “I am so sorry about Barry.”

“Thank you, J’onn. Where’s the rest of the League?” Kid Flash asked, confused at the lack of members.

J’onn paused, Kid Flash’s question reminding him of the League’s loss. “Right now, at this point, there may not even be a Justice League left. The Flash is gone, and so are Gypsy, Vixen, and Vibe. (*) Even Wonder Woman herself perished in the battle against the Anti-Monitor–”

[(*) Editor’s note: See The Suicide Squad: The Price of Redemption, Chapter 1: Formations.]

“What?¬†Wonder Woman’s dead?! You’ve got to be kidding!” Kid Flash said, shocked. The Manhunter’s face was expressionless, and Kid Flash knew he was absolutely serious.

“Unfortunately, it is true.” The Manhunter stood up and walked toward Kid Flash. “The Anti-Monitor destroyed her with a blast of antimatter. (*) Superman himself told me.”

[(*) Editor’s note: See “Final Crisis,” Crisis on Infinite Earths #12 (March, 1986).]

Kid Flash’s thoughts went immediately to his Teen Titans teammate Donna Troy Long, known to the world as Wonder Girl. “Oh, no. God… poor Donna. Wonder Woman saved her life when she was a baby. I didn’t even know she’d been killed. I can’t even imagine the pain that Donna’s going through right now.”

“I, too, feel compassion for Wonder Girl, Kid Flash,” the Manhunter said, reading the speedster’s thoughts. “Diana, like Barry, was one of the best. Neither deserved the fate they received, and I will mourn the two of them.”

“Is Ralph dead?” Kid Flash asked the Manhunter, worried that there were more losses.

“No. The Elongated Man is in Metropolis with a few other heroes, making repairs to the city in the aftermath of the Crisis. Perhaps I should be there as well, but I have also felt loss in recent days,” the Manhunter said, a hint of emotion in his voice. “One of the League — Gypsy. I saw her as a daughter. Her loss pulls at my being in a way that I’ve experienced few times before. I felt I needed to be alone, to see if I still desired to live on this planet. I do desire that, but it will be a long time before the wounds of the Crisis heal, and even then, I don’t think they’ll ever truly vanish.”

“I — I am sorry, J’onn. I had no idea–” Kid Flash said.

“I understand. It is difficult to deal with, but you understand it all too well. I hope that she did not suffer,” the Manhunter said, saddened.

“J’onn, you were one of the founders of the Justice League. Barry’s parents are having a private funeral for his family and friends before we reveal he was the Flash. I’d like you to come,” Kid Flash said.

The Manhunter stood silently. “Would this be all right with his family?” he finally spoke.

“I think so. They want his closest friends to attend, just not in their costumed identities. Is that all right with you?” Kid Flash asked.

“I would be honored to attend. Thank you for alerting me,” the Manhunter said, a faint sign of happiness in his voice.

“Thank you, J’onn. Look, I’d better go to Metropolis. I’ll tell Ralph and any others that Barry would have been close to,” Kid Flash said. He walked toward the Manhunter, and the two men shook hands. Afterward, Kid Flash sped off toward Metropolis, searching for the Elongated Man.

My God — Wonder Woman’s gone, just like Barry. I was there, though. On Qward, when the heroes faced off against the Anti-Monitor. She was alive when I received the blast of antimatter. Just when was she killed? he thought, fast approaching the Metropolis city limits. It’s so hard to believe she’s dead. I keep thinking of Donna, and I can’t imagine what she’s going through. For most of her life, Wonder Woman was the closest person that she could call her family. She saved Donna as a baby, and later she, Hippolyta, and the other Amazons all donated a part of their strength to Donna, making her a part of the Amazon family. Once I’m done in Metropolis, I need to see her.

Entering the immense city, Kid Flash began his search for the Elongated Man, but it wasn’t that long of a search. Ahead of him, the Elongated Man, Superman, and several other past and present Leaguers were working on a construction area, which had been damaged in the Crisis. There were thousands of places just like this all over the world that had sustained similar damage or worse.

It’s good to see that Ralph’s all right, Kid Flash thought. Barry and he were really close, and Ralph and I became crime-fighters within a matter of days of each other. I guess that helps explain why I’ve felt close to him, like he was a big brother of sorts, that and the fact that I was an only child.

The Elongated Man spotted Kid Flash approaching and used his elastic powers to lower himself to the ground. Superman himself secured a metal girder and flew down to the street to see Kid Flash as well. “Wally!” greeted the Elongated Man, offering his hand to Kid Flash. The two shook hands. “I heard about Barry. I am so sorry, Wally. He was one of the best. It’s just so hard to believe that he’s gone.”

“I know, Ralph. He really was a great man. I came here because the Allens are planning a private burial for Barry before revealing to the world that he was the Flash. They wanted Barry’s closest friends to attend, both heroes and civilians. You were a close friend of Barry’s, and I think he’d want the other founders of the JLA to attend,” Kid Flash said.

“I’d be honored to attend. He was an inspiration to all of us, whether we came before him or after,” Ralph said.

“I’m glad you stopped by, Wally. It looks like you’re feeling better,” Superman said.

“I am, relatively speaking. When I was at the bunker earlier, J’onn mentioned that Wonder Woman died. I can’t believe that this Crisis took so many lives. It’s horrible,” Kid Flash said.

The wounds of the Crisis still lived within Superman. He’d lost his cousin, Kara Zor-El, and some great friends in Wonder Woman and the Flash. “I’m sorry I didn’t say anything earlier, Wally. It’s been a hard couple of days–”

“It’s all right, Superman. Believe me, I understand,” Kid Flash said with compassion. “I’d like to ask you a favor. I mentioned the founders of the League as being invited, and I know he was close to the Atom and Zatanna. Are there any others you can think of that Barry would be close to? Can you reach guys like Batman and Aquaman?”

“Possibly the Hawks, maybe Black Canary and Green Arrow. I can check it out,” Superman said. “And I’ll personally contact both Batman and Aquaman.”

“Thanks. I think Barry’s parents would be glad to have all of his friends in attendance, in civilian identities, of course. We’ll be organizing a memorial service in Central City after the funeral, where we’ll reveal that Barry–” Kid Flash said.

Suddenly, without warning, a part of the construction collapsed. “Oh, my God!” yelled Kid Flash aloud.

Before Superman could react, the construction was halted by a familiar green energy. Looking up at the sky, the heroes saw who commanded the green energy. It was Hal Jordan, once again Green Lantern, who fixed the construction in place.

“Whoa! Green Lantern! You’re back!” shouted the Elongated Man.

Green Lantern lowered himself to the street and greeted Kid Flash, Superman, and the Elongated Man, shaking each hero’s hand. “It’s good to be back, guys. I’ve had some strange days lately, but I’m back, and I’m back to stay,” Green Lantern said, a confident smirk on his face. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See “Zero,” Green Lantern v2 #198 (March, 1986).]

“I’m glad to hear it,” Superman said, but the events of the previous days were evident in the legend’s face. Green Lantern spotted it immediately.

“What’s happened since I’ve been away?” Green Lantern asked, concerned.

“We — we’ve lost some of our best friends, Hal. The Crisis did some heavy damage to our world, and we’ve all felt the loss,” Superman said.

“Who died?” asked Green Lantern.

Kid Flash answered. “Hal, Barry… Barry’s dead, as are Wonder Woman and Supergirl. He sacrificed his life to save our world. That’s one of the reasons I’m here. You were extremely close to Barry, and I meant to head out to the West Coast to tell you of what we’re doing in regards to a funeral for Barry.”

Green Lantern stood there numb, remembering the last time he’d seen Barry alive. He’d approached Barry during his murder trial, asking for his advice on whether or not to give up his ring for Carol Ferris. Looking back, he felt so selfish and angry at himself. And he never got to tell his best friend goodbye.

“This… this was unexpected,” Green Lantern said, feeling a lump in his throat. “Aw, no… no, no, no…” He placed his hand on his head, thinking of all the pain Barry had gone through in his life. It was extremely unfair, he thought, trying to keep himself strong.

“Hal…” Kid Flash said, placing a hand on Green Lantern’s shoulder, “…I’m feeling the same pain inside. I loved him, too. I’d like you to come to the funeral. Barry’s parents would want you there, and it would mean so much to them.”

Green Lantern strengthened himself up and answered. “I will be there, Wally. Anything I can do for the Allens right now, I will do. I swear to you.”

“Thank you… all of you. I still have some people to search out. I’ll call you with the date and time sorted out,” Kid Flash said.

“No problem, Wally. We’ll do whatever we can to help,” Superman said.

After shaking the three heroes’ hands, Kid Flash headed toward New York and some familiar faces. He felt he needed to see Wonder Girl. I need to see her before I continue, Kid Flash thought, heading toward the home the Longs shared. The pain she’s going through has to be horrible for her. She’s going to need a friend right now.

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