The Flash: The Funeral of Barry Allen, Chapter 3: Remember the Titans

by Hitman 44077

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Kid Flash arrived at the Longs’ home and knocked on the front door. A few seconds passed, and Terry Long answered the door. Though he was pleasant as always, Kid Flash saw the weary look in his eyes. “Wally! Come on in,” Terry said.

“Thanks, Terry,” Kid Flash said, entering the home.

“Would you like a coffee, Wally?” Terry asked.

“Yeah. Sure,” Kid Flash said, walking to a chair as Terry walked into his kitchen. A few seconds later, and Terry brought him a cup of coffee.

“Thanks, Terry,” Kid Flash said. “I wasn’t sure if I should stop by. I just found out about Wonder Woman. I’m sorry.”

“This may have been the worst day in Donna’s life. I don’t think there would ever be a day like today,” Terry confided, lowering his head. “Donna left for Paradise Island a few hours ago. I know the Amazon standards, but I wish I could be there for her right now.”

“I know, Terry. That’s why I came. You see, once I found out, I knew I had to stop by. I — I know what she’s going through,” Kid Flash confided.

“What happened?” Terry asked the speedster.

“My uncle was the Flash. He died in this Crisis as well. I came here to offer any support I could for Donna. Wonder Woman and the Flash were two of the best, and the loss is hard… for the both of us,” Kid Flash admitted, drinking some of the coffee.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” Terry said, consolingly. “I’m glad you came by, though. Donna’s going to need her friends more than ever before, and if the rest are like you, then I think things’ll be all right for her. It will take some time. I don’t know how I’d deal the news if my brother died.”

“I know. I can certainly respect your privacy right now, but I’d like you and Donna to come to my uncle’s funeral,” Kid Flash said.

“I’ll talk to Donna about that. I know she wanted to attend Dove’s funeral–” Terry began.

The shock of hearing Dove’s name mentioned bothered Kid Flash. “Are you serious? Don’s dead?” he asked Terry.

“Yeah. He was killed trying to save civilians during the Crisis. Donna called his brother upon learning the news, but he lashed out at her in anger. I guess the two hadn’t been active as heroes in a number of years. Needless to say, Hank declared that he didn’t want any Titans at his brother’s funeral. Part of me is mad at him for treating Donna that way, but a part of me understands where the anger’s coming from, also,” Terry said sadly.

I… my God. Who else is going to die? Was it my fault Don’s dead? I called him at Jay’s house two days ago when the Earths were merged and asked for his and Hank’s help, Kid Flash thought. I will respect his privacy, however… no matter how painful this is.

“Donna should be back later. I’ll ask her about attending the funeral. If she doesn’t want to come, then I’ll come no matter what. I know how important the Flash was to this world, and he deserves nothing but the best… just like Wonder Woman,” Terry said.

“Thanks, Terry,” Kid Flash said with appreciation. “Has there been any news on Dick, Kory, or Joe?”

“As far as I know, they’re still off-planet. I know that Kole’s in the hospital from the wounds she suffered in the Crisis, and Vic and Gar are at the Tower,” Terry said.

“Poor Kole. I only briefly got to know her during the Crisis. She’s a good kid. I hope she’s all right,” Kid Flash said with concern.

“Her condition’s not good, but it has slightly improved. She can’t breathe on her own right now, however,” Terry said.

“Oh, no. Look, I’m going to head to the Tower and see Vic and Gar. Thanks for talking to me. It means a lot,” Kid Flash admitted.

“Any time, Wally, any time. I’m glad you stopped by, and it was good seeing you at the wedding, too. Your gift was beautiful,” Terry said.

“Thank you. I’ll see you later,” Kid Flash said as he walked toward the front door.

“See you then,” Terry said, shaking Kid Flash’s hand.

Kid Flash opened the door and left as he continued his travels, which were taking him to Titans Tower. He soon arrived and entered the structure. I’ve been on quite a run so far, he thought, as an elevator carried him to the meeting room floor. I do seem slower, but it may just be my feelings right now. Barry, Don, Wonder Woman… so much death. After this is all over, can we still be the heroes this world needs?

Exiting the elevator, Kid Flash walked into the meeting room. He saw Cyborg and the Changeling siting at the meeting table, their grim faces telling the speedster that they were troubled. “Hey, Vic, Gar,” Kid Flash said, walking toward the two young men.

“Wally! Hey!” Changeling said, trying to keep up his normal joking appearance.

Cyborg was more truthful in his approach. “Hey, Wally. How are you feeling?” he asked his friend, concerned.

“I’m doing all right, all things considered. Barry’s death really hit hard… and I just learned about Wonder Woman and Don,” Kid Flash said in a serious tone.

“I knew the Flash and Wonder Woman, but aside from seeing Don at Donna’s wedding, I’m sad to say I didn’t know him all that well. Yet, it still stings… his death, I mean,” Cyborg said sadly, closing his eye.

“Yeah. I got to know both of them as members of Titans West, and I never imagined this happening. I think Hank’s handling this all wrong,” Changeling said in a mixture of anger and sadness. “We were his friends… Don’s friends. He’s always been defiant, like he’s got something to prove. You know, we’ve all lost people we’ve loved and cared about, and not just in this Crisis. My folks are gone, Rita, Larry, and the Chief are gone, and Vic’s parents are gone, too. But we never shut our friends away. We never blamed our friends. I wanted to be there… I really did. Don was so good.” Changeling’s eyes welled up, and Kid Flash walked over to him and hugged him.

“I wanted to be there, too. In fact, since I visited Terry Long, I’ve felt… well, responsible. When our Earth was merged with the other four, I thought we should gather up everyone we knew. I called Don personally and asked for his and Hank’s help. I have to wonder… would he be alive if I hadn’t called?” Kid Flash questioned aloud.

“Don’t even think that way, Wally,” Cyborg said. “I think when anyone enters this field, if you can call it that, they know the risk. It may sound cold, but if Don wanted to save innocents, he accomplished that before he was killed. While I didn’t know him, I do know he held human life to the highest regard. The lives he saved may very well save this world one day. He and Hank were granted powers for a reason. This may have been that reason. There’s no easy answer, though.”

Kid Flash let go of his hug as Changeling felt better. “You’re right, Vic. I guess I’ve always second-guessed myself when it comes to most things. That, and Barry’s loss is hurting me inside. I came because I’d like to invite you two to Barry’s funeral. We’re having a private funeral before we reveal he was the Flash. Will you come?” Kid Flash asked his friends.

Cyborg paused, not sure what to say. “Wally… I would like to come, as would Gar, but I don’t think that’s possible,” he said, his voice shaky.

Kid Flash was disappointed, but calm. “Why?” he asked.

“This is a private affair. His parents want to draw as little attention as they can. Though I’ve come to terms with what I am, there is no way I can bring a media spectacle to a private affair like this. A cyborg, a green man — though we’re friends, Wally, the media would ask too many questions and disturb the time Barry’s parents need to say goodbye to their son. I’m sorry. I really am,” Vic said sadly.

“It’s all right, Vic. I do understand… and you’re right. Still, I needed to ask. You guys are my friends, even if at times I acted like a jerk. Thank you for being friends… my friends,” Kid Flash said, offering his hand to Cyborg.

Cyborg shook the hand, and Changeling joined in as well. “Wally, no matter what, we’ll always be there for you. I just wish that Dick, Kory, and Joe would get back. At this point, I’m not sure if there is a team of Titans left. Kole’s in critical condition, Donna’s on Paradise Island for Wonder Woman’s funeral. All that’s left is us. In regards to your uncle’s funeral, we’ll be there in thought, as our thoughts and prayers go out to you, the Flash, and his parents,” Cyborg said.

“I’d better head back to Blue Valley. I just realized that I haven’t told Fran that I’m all right. I don’t need her worrying any more than I’ve been the past few days,” Kid Flash said.

“Well, get to it,” Changeling said, trying to cheer Kid Flash up. “It’s never good to be in the doghouse with a girl… unless you can change into a dog like me. Grr!” Changeling changed into a bulldog as he said this.

“Ha ha ha!” Kid Flash laughed, the first time since Barry’s death that he’d actually felt good. Cyborg laughed as well.

“Thanks. I needed that. I’ll see you later, guys,” Kid Flash said, waving to his friends.

“You take care, Wally. Come back anytime,” Cyborg said.

Changeling, still in bulldog form, stood on his hind feet and waved his front right paw. “You heard the man. Anytime, Flasher!” he said.

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