The Night Force: Into the Abyss

The Night Force: The Five Earths Project

The Night Force

Into the Abyss

by CSyphrett

Baron Winters must sometimes resort to evil in order to do good, making living sacrifices of his impromptu Night Force to balance the two forces. Too bad no one told that to a group of third-rate super-thieves who find more than they asked for when they attempt to rob the Baron’s Georgetown home. Arriving on the dark mirror world of Earth-Three, they battle the Crime Syndicate, but as they try to find return home, the Earth-One super-thieves and the Earth-Three super-villains end up in a dark future timeline controlled by a powerful young warlock! Was this all a fluke of fate, or just part of the Baron’s carefully crafted plan to save the world? Guest starring Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick of the Crime Syndicate, as well as the Phantom Stranger!

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