Plop! A Cheery Halloween Tale

Plop! The Five Earths Project


A Cheery Halloween Tale

by Blackwolf247

The gang from a certain long-running TV sitcom dress up like comic-book super-heroes for Halloween. Hijinks ensue!


“Well, Carla, nice costume. Zatanna, I presume?”


“Hey, Sammy, why Batman?

“Think about it, Cliff — bat… baseball…?”

“Oh, I get it.”

“Nice Superman costume, Mr. Claven.”

“Thank you, Woody — er, I mean, Robin.”

“!oot ,sgel ecin ,haeY”

“.ouy knahT”

“You understood her?”

“I did?

“Hey is that Norm?

Evening, everybody!”


“Not tonight, folks. Tonight, it’s Herbie!

“Gee, Mr. Peterson, you don’t look like a car.”

“Not that Herbie, Boy Wonder, a comic-book character from my youth. It was either this, the Blob, or Bouncing Boy.”


“Thanks, Carla.”

“Well, I need to see some ID. Last I knew, Herbie was underage.”

“Very funny, Caped Crusader, but that was the ’60s, remember? Let’s face it, there haven’t been that many role models for us, uh, larger-built guys.”

“So Sammy, or Batman, rather, any idea what Rebecca is gonna wear?”

“Funny you should ask, Superman, because the office door is opening now, and — oh, my God!

“Hello, boys and girls. Anybody want to buy this kitty some milk?

“If I do, can I scratch behind your ears?”

“Only if you want the touch of my cat-o’-nine tails, Batman!”

Ooh, sure — promises, promises…”


Nearby, taking all of this in, sat a man disguised as the Flash.

“Blimey! It’s enough to make a bloke go back down under!”


The End

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