DC Universe: Something Wacky This Way Comes

DC Universe: Something Wacky This Way Comes: The Five Earths Project

DC Universe

Something Wacky This Way Comes

by Drivtaan, Starsky Hutch 76, Libbylawrence, Brian K. Asbury, Blackwolf247, Comickook and Martin Maenza

An accident causes Brainiac of the Legion of Doom to become Pulsar Stargroove, rhythmic leader of the Legion of Funk! But as the Legion dominates the music charts, strange events happen all over the country. Another team of super-villains with a weakness for fruit pies form together as the Host of Badness! Meanwhile, the Super Friends welcome Apache Chief to their number, and the Teen Titans lose their memories! Will all these threads come together to form one coherent plot? Not at all! That’s why we called in Drivtaan to wrap it all up in the form of an ultimate musical showdown — a battle of the bands! You don’t want to miss this bizarre and peculiar attempt at humor by the Five Earths writers!

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