The Flash and Green Lantern: 1976/1963: The Hounds of Limbo

The Brave and the Bold: The Five Earths Project

The Brave and the Bold: The Flash and Green Lantern

Times Past, 1976/1963

The Hounds of Limbo

by Libbylawrence

The Flash of Earth-One encounters Doctor Alchemy once again, only to discover that his old foe is terrified by another menace! Meanwhile, the Flash of Earth-Two fights a strange alien being who mimics the powers of both the Fiddler and the Icicle! These strange encounters cause the Flashes to seek out help from the Green Lanterns of two worlds! With all clues pointing to the involvement of the Crime Champions, these two sets of heroes risk all to learn the meaning of the Hounds of Limbo!

Author’s note: This story takes place simultaneously in 1976 on Earth-One and in 1963 on Earth-Two, since time runs differently in both parallel universes.

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