Batgirl and Robin: 1981: Seeds of Discontent

Batman Family of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project

Batman Family: Batgirl and Robin

Times Past, 1981

Seeds of Discontent

A Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters story

by Martin Maenza

Batman Family: Batgirl and Robin: Times Past, 1981: Seeds of DiscontentWhen Poison Ivy seeks out Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man, you know that trouble is in the works. And it is left up to Batgirl and Robin, the Dynamite Duo, to face this pair of plant-themed foes in Washington, D.C.!

Author’s note: This story is inspired by the DC Super-Heroes 1978 calendar entry for May by Bob Rozakis, Dick Dillin, and Frank McLaughlin.

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