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Freedom Fighters: 1976: Burning Vengeance

by Martin Maenza
Freedom Fighters: The Five Earths Project
When a manhunt in New York City threatens to close the noose on the Freedom Fighters, the super-heroes from Earth-X decide to get out of town! But as the fugitive heroes head to Albany, they aren’t the only ones on the run, as the Flamesplasher Twins seek revenge on their childhood tormentor! See what happens when the two parties clash!

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Secret Origins: Cannonball: Hero for Hire

by Libbylawrence
Secret Origins of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project
Cannonball, the corporate crusader and star of the hit TV show Hero For Hire, enjoys the good life in Metropolis in front of the television camera! But what life and death battle propelled Ryan Chase, the retired former hero called the Human Cannonball, into heroic super-stardom? Daily Planet reporter Meg Tempest is determined to learn the true story! Guest starring Superman!

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