Freedom Fighters: 1976: Burning Vengeance

Freedom Fighters: The Five Earths Project

Freedom Fighters

Times Past, 1976

Burning Vengeance

A Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters story

by Martin Maenza

Freedom Fighters: Times Past, 1981: Burning VengeanceWhen a manhunt in New York City threatens to close the noose on the Freedom Fighters, the super-heroes from Earth-X decide to get out of town! But as the fugitive heroes head to Albany, they aren’t the only ones on the run, as the Flamesplasher Twins seek revenge on their childhood tormentor! See what happens when the two parties clash!

Author’s note: This story is inspired by the DC Super-Heroes 1978 calendar entry for September by Bob Rozakis, Dick Ayers, and Frank McLaughlin. It takes place between Freedom Fighters #5 and #6. Although it is 1976 on Earth-X, the year on Earth-1 is 1981 due to Earth-1’s compressed timeline.

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