Black Canary and Starman: 1965: Wings and Stars

The Brave and the Bold of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project

The Brave and the Bold: Black Canary and Starman

Times Past, 1965

Wings and Stars

by JSAGL, with Martin Maenza, partially adapted from The Brave and the Bold #61 and #62 by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson

The team of Starman and Black Canary in the mid-1960s was a memorable one, but why was it so short-lived? As the second Black Canary recalls her mother’s adventures with the Starman of Earth-Two, she also remembers how close Dinah Drake Lance was with Ted Knight, and how their ill-advised affair shaped their lives for years to come.

The Brave and the Bold: Black Canary and Starman: Times Past, 1965: Wings and Stars (at

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