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Two lovers, one a woman born on a parallel Earth, sworn to fight crime with her martial arts skills and sonic cry — the other a super-skilled bowman, once a millionaire, now a defender of the poor and underprivileged: they are — Green Arrow and Black Canary!

Times Past

Black Canary: Times Past, 1951: Cyclone

by Libbylawrence
published September 9, 2000

A new and dashing hero called the Cyclone appears in Gotham City, leaving a trail of both defeated crooks and disaster in his wake! Still, the Black Canary can’t help but wonder why his battles are always so destructive, and the blonde bombshell vows to unmask the truth!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter: Times Past, 1976: The Devil You Know

by HarveyKent
published March 11, 2002

When Green Arrow joined the Justice League of America, the team had helped an exiled warrior from another world overthrow his planet’s cruel dictator. But did their actions have repercussions they did not expect? The Ace Archer and the Martian Manhunter find out in this team-up that spans the stars!

The Brave and the Bold: Black Canary and Starman: Times Past, 1965: Wings and Stars

by JSAGL, with Martin Maenza, partially adapted from The Brave and the Bold #61 and #62 by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson
published October 4, 2001

The team of Starman and Black Canary in the mid-1960s was a memorable one, but why was it so short-lived? As the second Black Canary recalls her mother’s adventures with the Starman of Earth-Two, she also remembers how close Dinah Drake Lance was with Ted Knight, and how their ill-advised affair shaped their lives for years to come.

The Brave and the Bold: Wonder Woman and Green Arrow: Times Past, 1976: The Horn Blows at Midnight

by HarveyKent
published November 16, 2003

Wonder Woman and Green Arrow try to solve a string of robberies committed by creatures from Greek mythology, complicated by the fact that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to them. What is the world-shattering pattern that they discover links them together? Meanwhile, what sparks will fly when Green Arrow meets the original Blonde Bombshell — Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love?

Green Lantern and Green Arrow: Times Past, 1980: March of the Vermin

A Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters story

by Martin Maenza
published February 1, 2003

Green Lantern is invited to participate in a St. Patrick’s Day parade, and naturally he invites his buddy Green Arrow. But when trouble turns the parade into a march of vermin, the emerald duo have their hands full dealing with the notorious Queen Bee!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Red Tornado: Times Past, 1980: The Greatest Gift

by HarveyKent
published December 24, 2001

It’s a tale of Christmas Past as Green Arrow and Red Tornado race to find a kidnapped girl on Christmas Eve! But as the two Justice Leaguers work together to solve a kidnapping case, the Ace Archer and the Amazing Android end up getting the greatest gift!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and the Flash: Times Past, 1983: The Rainbow Connection

by HarveyKent
published February 28, 2008

On the anniversary of Barry Allen’s death, Green Arrow recounts a tale of his team-up with the Flash against two villains — the Rainbow Raider and the Rainbow Archer! But with these two rainbow-themed villains competing for the same prize, will they end up doing the heroes’ work for them? And is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Late 1985 to 1986

Green Arrow: Back to the Crusades

by Immortalwildcat
published June 28, 2000

Oliver Queen, alias Green Arrow, is a hard-hitting journalist used to tackling tough issues. But when he suddenly finds himself the owner of Star City’s worst polluter, what is he to do? Can he discover Monarch Chemical’s darkest secrets?

Green Arrow: Courting Disaster

by HarveyKent
published October 24, 2000

Green Arrow testifies at the trial of a villain he captured. But defense calls a surprise witness — Green Arrow?! Can the prosecution prove that the Emerald Archer is who he says he is before the defendant goes free?

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Aquaman: You Can’t Go Home Again

by HarveyKent
published January 20, 2001

Green Arrow returns to Starfish Island, where he taught himself archery, and runs into Aquaman. Together, the two JLAers soon discover that the island is now a base for one of G.A.’s old enemies from the first case in which they teamed up!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Captain Boomerang: Thrown for a Loss

by HarveyKent
published May 24, 2001

When a promising presidential candidate is murdered, Green Arrow goes on the trail of a super-villain assassin-for-hire bureau! Unknown to him, Captain Boomerang is infiltrating the group for Task Force X!

Super-Team Family: Starman and Black Canary: The Star Czar

by Libbylawrence
published June 26, 2001

Black Canary is an outlaw once more, framed for crimes committed by her evil alternate timeline double, Magpie! Can she and Starman defeat her evil twin and the Detonator and discover why the mystery villain known only as the Star Czar framed her? Moreover, why is the Star Czar oddly familiar to Dinah Lance?

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Mister Miracle: Sideshow Lowdown

by Martin Maenza
published October 5, 2001

Green Arrow goes undercover to expose wrongdoings in a traveling carnival! But when he gets in too deep, can an unexpected ally in the form of an undercover Mister Miracle, the escape artist, come to his aid?

Green Arrow: Unfinished Business

Part 6 of The Lazarus Tremaine Saga

by CSyphrett
published October 19, 2001

Green Arrow and Black Canary travel out West so that Oliver Queen can find answers to some important questions. Can a resurrected man called El Diablo be the key to the afterlife?

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Tempest: The Call

by HarveyKent
published August 22, 2001

Tempest, a former member of the Doom Patrol, is a hero who had lost faith in himself but now returns to the streets to battle alongside Green Arrow! Can they stop an outbreak of gang war when a charismatic leader rallies the gangs to join together to take over New York City?


The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Nightwing: Are You Ready to Riddle?

by HarveyKent
published October 25, 2001

All Oliver Queen wanted to do was enjoy an evening of professional wrestling. But the Riddler has other plans! Guest starring Nightwing, with special surprise appearances!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Air Wave: The Blue and the Gray

by HarveyKent
published January 3, 2002

The spectres of the Civil War rise in Dallas to stir up the fires of old hatreds! But is there more to them than meets the eye? Air Wave and a visiting Green Arrow aim to find out!

The Brave and the Bold: Black Canary and Hawkwoman: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

by HarveyKent
published April 6, 2002

Two heroines, Black Canary and Hawkwoman, get away from the guys for a night’s patrol, only to run afoul of a gang of super-villainesses with some very familiar motifs! Meet the Secret Sorority of Super-Villainesses!

Green Arrow and Black Canary: Dealt from the Bottom

by HarveyKent
published May 14, 2002

Cardshark, the newest hero of Star City, sweeps Black Canary off her feet, and Green Arrow is seeing red! But is there more to this than meets the eye?

Green Arrow: If You’re Me, Who Am I?

by HarveyKent
published May 24, 2002

Oliver Queen has the perfect life. He’s a great humanitarian with several stalwart friends, a grown-up son who looks up to him, and a girlfriend who’s a supermodel. He couldn’t ask for anything more perfect. So why is Green Arrow trying to ruin it? And what personal demons will Ollie finally be forced to face?

The Brave and the Bold: Black Canary and Zatanna: Decisions

by HarveyKent
published June 9, 2002

While Black Canary ponders her answer to Green Arrow’s question, she tracks down the criminal scientists who built the Secret Sorority of Super-Villainess’ weapons with a little help from Zatanna! But when the Blonde Bombshell and the Mistress of Magic carry the fight to the evil guildsmen’s lair, can the two heroines prevail?

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Adam Strange: Rocket Robin Hood

An Invasion crossover

by HarveyKent
published September 7, 2002

When Green Arrow’s JLA transporter beam crosses paths with a zeta beam, he is transported to the planet Rann! And he’s just in time to help planetary champion Adam Strange, since the Invasion has reached this world as well! But by some cosmic coincidence, one of Green Arrow’s oldest enemies is part of the Alien Alliance invasion force — and he’s gunning for G.A.!

The Brave and the Bold: Arsenal and Owlwoman: With Some Reservations

by Martin Maenza
published April 11, 2003

A controversy on a New Mexico Indian reservations brings these two heroes together and into action!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Wildcat: The Man Who Killed Green Arrow

by HarveyKent
published July 29, 2003

A former professional boxer is found dead on the Star City waterfront, beaten to death while wearing a Green Arrow costume! Green Arrow and Wildcat are thus drawn into the city’s deadliest secret, a secret its guardians will kill to keep!

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Arsenal: Guys’ Night Out

A Bruce Wayne: Missing and Presumed Dead story

by Immortalwildcat
published August 23, 2004

It’s been a week since Bruce Wayne’s death, and Dick Grayson still hasn’t worked up the nerve to become the new Batman for real. Who better than his old Titans pal Arsenal to prod him into action when the Penguin hits the streets of Gotham City?


Green Arrow: The Shaggy Dog Story

by HarveyKent
published September 13, 2004

Meet Joe Armott, an old man who likes to tell tall tales. What happens when he weaves a story of the ace archer, Green Arrow?

Green Arrow and Black Canary: Let No Man Put Asunder

by HarveyKent
published October 11, 2007

It’s a day many thought would never come — the wedding day of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, alias Green Arrow and Black Canary! But while so many super-hero weddings fall victim to attacks from super-villains, what makes this wedding day the quietest one of all? Guest starring the Justice League of America and a surprise guest star!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Hawk and Dove: Party Lines

by HarveyKent
published March 18, 2005

Hawk is in Star City as bodyguard to an ultra-conservative author, while Green Arrow is publicly endorsing an ultra-liberal politician. When violence erupts in the city, each side blames the other! Can Dove keep the two hot-headed heroes from each other’s throats long enough to find the shadowy mastermind behind the hate crimes?

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Green Arrow: Mixed Signals

by HarveyKent
published June 19, 2011

When the Blue Bowman begins a crime spree in Gotham City after many years, Batman can’t help but wonder if the Signalman has returned to crime under this old identity. But when this new Bowman proves to be better skilled than his predecessor, Batman may need Green Arrow’s help to capture this rival archer!