Hawkman and Hawkwoman: Mind Games, Prologue: Vivid Dreams

by Libbylawrence

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Arisia walked through the Green Lantern Citadel, the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps in California. The pretty woman smiled as she smoothed out her elegant bridal gown. Her friends and partners watched from the aisles as her stately lawman father Fentara from Graxos IV gave her away to the handsome Earthman she loved.

Hal Jordan looked dashing in his tuxedo as he gazed into her eyes and they recited their vows of love. As they kissed and the ceremony closed, Arisia whispered, “Hal, I can hardly believe we’re finally together!”

He smiled and said, “In brightest day and blackest night, our love shall remain strong!”

Arisia was blissfully happy.


Superman swooped in low before entering the farmhouse he had grown up in in Smallville.

“Land sakes, Clark, what’s the hurry?” said Ma Kent as she kissed her boy.

“I bring good news. Where’s Pa?” he said.

“Here I am, son. Just settle down and tell us what’s got you so rattled,” he said with a smile. “You weren’t this nervous when you first took Lana out on a date!”

Superman nodded. “Same idea, different girl. Lois and I are going to be married. I popped the question last night. She accepted. She even admitted knowing I was Clark all along!”

Pa Kent smiled and said, “Son, this could not come at a better time! What with Luthor reforming and Kara fully recovering from her injuries in the Crisis, everything is coming together for you!”

Superman smiled broadly. “Things really are looking bright.”


Wally West rushed inside his home in Blue Valley.

“Aunt Iris! Wait ’til Barry sees this birthday gift I found for him via some time travel. It’s a mint Flash Comics number one, with Jay and Hawkman and Johnny Thunder among others! He’ll flip!

Iris Allen kissed the young man and said, “He’ll love it. You’ll have to fight him to get him to talk to Frances about the engagement. He’s so proud of you both.”

Wally said, “Yeah, it’s like a dream come true!”


In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson watched as Jason Todd worked out.

“With you back by my side to help train Jason, I think we’ll soon have Gotham totally secure,” said Wayne. “We certainly shut down Ra’s’ little scheme to free my old foes. You provided just the edge we needed to anticipate his every move.”

“Barbara helped, too. Remember that move she used on Talia?” said Dick. “Man, she dropped her like a bad habit.”

Bruce smiled. “Come on. We’d better get upstairs before Selina finishes changing. Can’t keep the new Mrs. Wayne waiting!”


A very pregnant Sue Dibny sat up as her pliable husband reached across her large stomach.

“She’s kicking!” said Ralph Dibny, the world-famous Elongated Man, positively beaming. “The way you’ve been having these contractions, I’d bet she has my powers, too!”

“She’ll be a proud daughter,” said Sue. “After all, her dad’s just been recognized for his crime-fighting and detective skills.”

Ralph grinned. “Yeah, I thought the Scotland Yard tribute was a bit much, but they wanted to have the statue and the new wing in my name!”


Oliver Queen frowned. He hated wearing a monkey suit, yet his efforts to reform Star City’s environmental problems had paid off with such success that he had to appear at the banquet and accept the nomination of the local party.

“Hey, pretty bird, a guy only gets the nod to be mayor once every lieftime or so,” he called.

Mrs. Dinah Queen appeared from the shower and wrapped a towel around herself.

“Sorry, Mr. Queen, but your wife wanted to look extra special for your big night. Think of the people your Reform Party has helped — the poor, the unemployed, and those without a voice. I want to show them that I love you as much as they do,” she cooed.

“Well, as Star City’s Police Chief, I’d say a badge would be enough with that gown,” he quipped.

“Daddy always says that,” said Dinah. “I guess he and mother will be here any minute to drive us over.”


Diana Trevor and her husband embraced near the Temple of Aphrodite on Paradise Isle.

“You know, I can hardly believe that your mother has received Aphrodite’s blessing to allow males here, but with Mars a victim of the Crisis, the violence that haunted our society is a thing of the past,” said Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman smiled. “At last my fight for justice can end, and we can live together as husband and wife forever.”


On New Mars, J’onn J’onzz watched his children play near the garden as his wife embraced him.

“Life is good here,” said Nubia. “You have made it so.”

He nodded. “I gave much to rule this colony, but without your support, I could have lived a much colder life.”


Jean Loring Palmer sat on her husband’s lap in Ivy Town. “I can’t stand the wait,” she said. “Ray, tell me your news.”

Ray Palmer smiled at his adoring wife. “I am the new head of the Science Department!”

She squealed with delight and said, “I’d better start planning my first tea for the other faculty wives.”

“That’s my little homemaker!” said Ray, smiling.


Andar Pul received a thunderous cheer as he introduced his successor as head of the elite Thanagarian police force.

“I give you all — Katar Hol!” he shouted as his friend approached the platform.

“People of Thanagar!” began the handsome Katar. “The very idea of winged lawmen came from my father, a dreamer and a doer. I live his dream this day as I accept the position and vow to serve you with all I have to give!”

Shayera watched with pride as her husband took the job he deserved so richly. She smiled as her grandfather the priest nodded across the crowd to the redheaded beauty.


Then, with a shudder, Shayera Hol sat up in bed. Her brief pink teddy slipped from one shoulder as she gasped. “That’s not right. It was all a dream! But so vivid,” she mused.

She got out of bed and wished again that Katar was back from his trip to Rann. “He and Adam are like little boys as they work on some new Rannian technology,” she said to herself, smiling.

Slipping on pink fuzzy slippers, she looked out the window of their home. “The whole city is like a tomb today. Not even any traffic. Is everyone sleeping in?” she wondered.

The answer would prove to be much stranger.

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