Superman and Supergirl: 1979: Rocks and a Hard Place

Superman Family of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project

Superman Family: Superman and Supergirl

Times Past, 1979

Rocks and a Hard Place

A Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters story

by Martin Maenza

Superman Family: Superman and Supergirl: Times Past, 1979: Rocks and a Hard PlaceThe Kryptonian cousins, Superman and Supergirl, face a threat from space when they investigate the source of a new series of meteor showers threatening Earth. When the parties behind it turn out to be Brainiac and Sinestro, the Man and Maid of Steel have their work cut out for them!

Author’s note: This story is inspired by the DC Super-Heroes 1978 calendar entry for July by Bob Rozakis, Curt Swan, and Dan Adkins.

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