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Crime Syndicate of America: Tyrants and Champions

by Libbylawrence
Crime Syndicate of America: The Five Earths Project
With the heavy-hitters in the Crime Syndicate now trapped and effectively imprisoned in Suspendium on the moon, the remaining members decide to continue on with a lower profile after taking on a new member called the Silk Canary. But when the original Crime Syndicators return as crime-fighters, their former allies are left wondering what happened to them and what this mysterious Illumino has to do with it. Can Doctor Chaos free his allies from Illumino’s control with the help of the Dark Stranger? Meanwhile, on the planet Rann, the very much alive Alexander Luthor and Lady Shrike learn that they were kidnapped from the Earth by an alien scientist named Ranjar Ro to free the planet Rann from its tyrant — the Earthman Alec Strange. Will Luthor be able to free Rann from Strange’s control and return to Earth before Lady Shrike can betray him?

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