The Suicide Squad: Path of the Immortal

Suicide Squad of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project

The Suicide Squad

Path of the Immortal

by Starsky Hutch 76, with Doc Quantum, Vendikarr DeWuff, JSAGL and Libbylawrence

Vandal Savage has been away from Earth-2 for several years, and he returned to find that his organization’s grip on world affairs has weakened in his absence. The only ones standing in his way to secretly controlling the world once more are Commander Steel and the Suicide Squad! But to what depths will the team be forced to sink in order to end the evil that is Vandal Savage once and for all? Meanwhile, discover the secret of Mekanique and witness the birth of a new Immortal Man!

The Suicide Squad: Path of the Immortal (at

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