Wonder Woman: Time of Change, Epilogue: The New Wonder Girl

by Libbylawrence

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Later, on Science Island bordering Paradise Island itself, Nubia conferred with Dr. Althea and Paula Von Gunta.

“Our Amazon time machine is unable to breach whatever dimensional portal sealed Mars Isle from us, but we can view the isle on our Magic Sphere,” explained Dr. Althea. “The people seem to be doing fine!”

“I would greatly appreciate it if you would continue to monitor them from time to time,” said Nubia. “Perhaps one of my allies in the Justice League, such as the Flash or Green Lantern, can one day help me restore them to this dimension.”

“As you command, Princess,” said Paula. “We are also working on a way to track the Time Master.”

Wonder Woman thanked the scientists, then walked into an adjacent room where Dr. Helena Sandsmark was waiting near a small changing room. Greeting the professor, Nubia said, “I am sorry that so many of the relics you found were lost to you when Mars Isle vanished!”

“I want to thank you for everything,” said Helena. “It was still a remarkable visit!”

Cassie Sandsmark then stepped out of the room to where her mother and Nubia were waiting. She now wore the red costume and black boots Artemis had originally worn.

“Artemis says she wants me to wear this updated version of her costume and be the new Wonder Girl!” said Cassie. “She says I earned it back on Marzal! I can’t believe that, but I sure want to try my best to make you all proud!”

“You look incredible!” said Helena. “I don’t like the idea of my daughter rushing into danger, but I am glad you learned of your father’s identity and now have his power. I can’t imagine you as anything but the sometimes sullen cheerleader who never cleans her room and plays Betty Gilson records too loudly, but you’re a lot more than that now, and I still love you!”

Nubia agreed readily. “You are truly worthy, little sister! Diana would think so as well!” she added.

“What about Artemis?” asked Cassie. “I appreciate the costume, but does this mean she’s retiring?”

“No!” said Nubia. “It means she is embracing her role as one of Diana’s heirs more closely. With my complete approval, she is going to wear a costume that more closely links her to the Wonder Woman role. While I now fill that role, I know Diana and I both want Artemis to embrace the destiny that our mother meant for her to share!”

At that moment, Artemis stepped into the room. “Well, what do you think?” she asked. Donna Troy Long now wore a red and gold corset with the stylized eagle Diana had originally worn, along with midnight blue leggings with silver stars running up each leg. Her boots were red with a narrow silver stripe that matched her bracelets and the belt that dangled across her hips near her lasso. She also carried a blue jacket in one hand.

Reaching into the coat, Artemis withdrew a golden lasso and said, “This lasso appeared on the altar in Athena’s temple! And Mother told me that the priest said it was meant for Cassandra, the new Wonder Girl! It seems unbreakable, and may have other powers of its own!”

Cassie thanked her and slowly ran a finger across the lasso. “This is awesome!” she said. “And you look gorgeous!”

“Truly, sister, you now wear the mantle we share so proudly!” said Nubia with a smile.

“Thank you all,” said Donna. “I always meant the name Artemis as a deliberate tribute to Diana, but in spite of my early attempt to claim the Wonder Woman role after the Crisis, I didn’t want to wear a costume too close to hers without knowing that you also approved. Back then I only acted out of a desire to carry on for Diana, but I wasn’t being sensitive to your feelings, either, especially since I only knew you by reputation at that time!” (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See The New Titans: Fragments, Chapter 1: Recovery, Justice League of America: The Final Chapter, Chapter 4: The New Wonder Woman, Justice League of America: The Final Chapter, Chapter 5: Family Feud, The New Titans: Fragments, Chapter 2: Extradition, and Wonder Woman: Paradise Lost, Chapter 2: Who Is Artemis?]

Nubia hugged her and said, “All is well between us. Now let us introduce the new Wonder Girl, here, to Diana and our mother!”

Smiling, Artemis extended one hand to Cassie and said, “Dr. Sandsmark, would you join us on Paradise Island as our mother’s guest? While you can’t bring your class, you two are most welcome!”

Helena took Cassie’s hand and said, “We would be delighted!”

Cassie nodded readily. “This spring break just keeps getting better and better!”

The End

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