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Times Past


The Old West


Showcase: The Sentinels of Magic: Times Past, 1948: Sacrifices Must Be Made

by CSyphrett
published October 6, 2001

On Earth-One, the second-greatest team of adventurers during World War II (after the Blackhawks) was the now-obscure team known as the Sentinels of Magic. But what fateful events on a mysterious new island in the Pacific Ocean caused the Sentinels to suddenly disappear one fateful day in 1948?

Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: Times Past, 1951: Founding Fathers

by CSyphrett, with Martin Maenza
published January 5, 2002

When five mystically based heroes from five different parallel Earths come together to stop a threat to each of their worlds, they little expect what may come from the adventure. Could a small piece of Hell, even properly controlled, make a good environment for a school of magic? Featuring Captain Marvel of Earth-S, Doctor Occult of Earth-Two, Doctor Mist of Earth-One, Margo the Magician of Earth-X, and Yarko the Great of Earth-Four!



The Night Force: The War of Darkness and Light

by Earth Elemental 99, Doc Quantum, JSAGL, and Martin Maenza
published July 9, 2001

John Constantine has spent months preparing the Swamp Thing for the war of darkness and light. But as he gathers a group of mystics at Baron Winters’ Georgetown Mansion, can even the combined power of this Night Force prevent the end of existence itself? Guest starring Doctor Occult of Earth-Two, Mento of the Doom Patrol, Sargon the Sorcerer, Zatanna the Magician, Zatara the Magician, and many others!


John Constantine, Hellblazer: The Hand of Hanuman

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs
published October 4, 2001

A family learns the price of friendship with John Constantine when he brings a magical talisman back from his recent travels in India — a shriveled hand rumored to be the lopped-off hand of the monkey god Hanuman that can grant three wishes to its owner! However, as this family soon learns, those wishes come at a terrible cost!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Madame Xanadu: Retribution

by Libbylawrence
published January 5, 2001

The entire staff of the Daily Planet suddenly finds itself under a cloud of depression, almost crippling each one with regret and self-doubt. It is fortunate, then, that Jimmy Olsen finds himself wandering into the shop of Madame Xanadu. Only she can lend Superman the strength and hope to outwardly fight this inner battle.

Deadman: Walking Dead

Part 1 of The Lazarus Tremaine Saga

by CSyphrett
published November 9, 2000

Boston Brand is trying to enjoy a day at the circus, away from the usual perils he deals with as Deadman, when an attempted kidnapping leads him to another living dead man.

El Diablo: Dueling Devils

Part 3 of The Lazarus Tremaine Saga

by CSyphrett
published May 14, 2001

Coming back from the dead once more, Tremaine recalls what had brought him to his current state as an undead ghoul. In the Old West, The outlaw Lazarus Tremaine flees across the Southwest from a feared bounty hunter in the wake of a bank robbery. Coming across a house in the desert, he looses El Diablo on the night and dooms himself to a living death. But can the place he died a century ago also be the key to his salvation?

The Phantom Stranger: A Helping Hand

Part 5 of The Lazarus Tremaine Saga

by CSyphrett
published September 3, 2001

Trapped in the dimension of his maker, a masked demon, the undead ghoul called Lazarus Tremaine decides that it’s time to become his own man again. Will Tremaine regain his soul with the helping hand of the Phantom Stranger?

The Night Force: Night Forces

by CSyphrett
published August 12, 2001

A murderer is stealing the souls of magicians, and one of those on the list is John Constantine’s. Who can put a stop to this menace and save the day? Only an unusual lineup of the Night Force as assembled by Baron Winters. Guest starring Mister E, Zatanna, and Firestorm! And introducing Timothy Hunter and hitman Tommy Monaghan!

Swamp Thing: Deep Space: Meeting of the Minds

by Earth Elemental 99
published September 29, 2001

During his journeys through outer space, Swamp Thing forms an uneasy alliance with Brainiac as they face an armada from Apokolips! Will this be the first step to Swamp Thing’s return to Earth?

El Diablo: Vandy, Vandy

Part 7 of The Lazarus Tremaine Saga

by CSyphrett
published January 21, 2002

What happens when a specter from the past confronts a long-lived warlock intent on wooing a young lady to corruption? Can El Diablo redeem this warlock, just as he had been redeemed from his former life, or will it take the six-guns of Jonah Hex’s ghost to stop this villain?


The Books of Magic: Orientation Day

by CSyphrett, Martin Maenza and Doc Quantum
published September 2, 2001

School is back in session for another year at the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge, and the first thing on the agenda is a tour for the benefit of all newcomers. As a new instructor, Abby Cable acquaints herself with Grimoire Island, wondering if she’s made the right decision to uproot her life in Louisiana after the disappearance of the Swamp Thing more than a year ago. Meanwhile, young Timothy Hunter makes a friend in a boy named Rick Billings on his first day at the academy, but will they be split up into different houses?

The Books of Magic: Curiosity Kills

by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza
published October 23, 2001

Joshua Cantrell has found a blueprint of the administration building at the Grimoire Academy and wants to know what is concealed in a secret room, while Timothy Hunter decides to follow him there. But will this day of infamy or Mr. Gallowglass be the death of these two students? Guest starring the Phantom Stranger!

The Books of Magic: Ride a Black Horse

by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza
published October 26, 2001

Timothy Hunter finds himself increasingly fascinated by the black horse near the bestiary, but is there a hidden reason that explains why he is so captivated by the animal? Meanwhile, a visitor tries to find the island in search of Abby Cable after returning to Earth from the far reaches of outer space! Will his message reach its target, or will it go undelivered? Guest starring Adam Strange and J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter!

The Books of Magic: Rise of the Bloody Moon

by CSyphrett, Martin Maenza and Doc Quantum
published October 28, 2001

When an old enemy pays Simon Belmont a visit, Vlad the Impaler’s bid for power can only be stopped by the keeper of Grimoire Academy’s Clock Tower and Abby Cable. But can an old man and a young woman possibly stop the King of the Vampires himself, or does this day mark the beginning of Dracula’s reign over five Earths? Meanwhile, Timothy Hunter despairs over his inability to work magic at will. Could he have been sent to this school by mistake?

Swamp Thing: What Friends are For

by Earth Elemental 99, with Martin Maenza
published November 4, 2001

On Valentine’s Day, Abby Cable receives a message from Swamp Thing, delivered from across the stars by spacefaring hero Adam Strange! But will her hurried escape from Grimoire Island lead to any unforeseen consequences? And now that she knows Swamp Thing is alive and on his way home, will Abby be able to remain in the Louisiana bayou until his return?

The Books of Magic: Fever of Death

by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza
published November 22, 2001

A strange plant has been found on the shores of Grimoire Island. Could it be behind a rash of rage-induced insanity? Meanwhile, Gallowglass discovers that Abby Cable has left the island against his wishes. Will it take the Grimoire Academy headmaster’s first departure from the island in nearly forty years to bring her back? And when he finds her, will she ever want to come back?

The Books of Magic: Changeling Unmasked

by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza
published January 5, 2002

The Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge comes under attack when a demon disguised as a student begins subduing the teachers one by one, beginning with Abby Cable! With the headmaster unavailable, it’s left up to Timothy Hunter and his friends to take on the foe themselves using their talents, but are these brave young students up to the task? Meanwhile, Rose Psychic and Simon Belmont confront the evil holding Belmont’s niece in a monstrous realm! Guest starring Shazam and Captain Marvel!

Swamp Thing: Reversal of Fortune

by Doc Quantum
published August 26, 2002

The Swamp Thing has been in space for well over a year now, and he can’t wait to be reunited with his Abby, who likewise awaits his return with much anticipation. But what will happen to them when her comatose husband Matt Cable begins to wake up, and when the Swamp Thing discovers that everything he knows about himself is wrong? Guest starring the Challengers of the Unknown and John Constantine, Hellblazer!

Deadman: Afternoons with Gladys

by Starsky Hutch 76
published October 11, 2001

When Deadman strikes up a friendship with an old woman named Gladys, he doesn’t know how to break it to her that she’s already dead. Will it take a traumatic event for her to finish her final tasks and move on to the afterlife?

The Night Force: Into the Abyss

by CSyphrett
published October 9, 2001

Baron Winters must sometimes resort to evil in order to do good, making living sacrifices of his impromptu Night Force to balance the two forces. Too bad no one told that to a group of third-rate super-thieves who find more than they asked for when they attempt to rob the Baron’s Georgetown home. Arriving on the dark mirror world of Earth-Three, they battle the Crime Syndicate, but as they try to find return home, the Earth-One super-thieves and the Earth-Three super-villains end up in a dark future timeline controlled by a powerful young warlock! Was this all a fluke of fate, or just part of the Baron’s carefully crafted plan to save the world? Guest starring Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick of the Crime Syndicate, as well as the Phantom Stranger!

The Brave and the Bold: The Creeper and Deadman: A Case of the Creeps

by Immortalwildcat
published December 29, 2003

Getting fired from his TV anchor job in Boston leaves Jack Ryder open for new opportunities, even if that means hosting a gaudy TV special called The Most Haunted House in America! But as this Halloween special focuses on supposed ghostly sightings in a New Orleans mansion, strange events lead not only the Creeper but also Deadman to investigate!

Swamp Thing: The Doll’s House

by Doc Quantum
published October 21, 2013

Abby Cable is living the perfect life with the perfect husband, the dashing and heroic Matt Cable, with a baby on the way. So why does it feel like she’s living in a doll’s house? And why can’t she recall the former love of her life, Swamp Thing? Guest starring the Phantom Stranger, and featuring the return of a long-forgotten spooky character!


The Books of Magic: The Mysterious Student

by Christine Nightstar
published November 2, 2005

As Timothy Hunter returns for his second year at the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge, he makes a new friend in Naala the satyr and a new enemy in Devin Burgess. But as he navigates his first few classes with new teachers Christopher Drake and Ramphastos the Feitheran, he also encounters a mystery! Who is the mysterious student in black, and why is Tim the only one who seems to notice him?

The Books of Magic: The Spirit World

by Christine Nightstar
published November 5, 2005

In their second week of school, Timothy Hunter and his friends at the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge begin learning all about the spirit world. In the process, they also discover their fellow students’ prejudices when Devin Burgess begins a humans-only campaign to make Naala the satyr feel unwelcome at school! Featuring a field trip to the dimension of Waypoint, where myths and legends converge, and destiny is decided!

The House of Mystery: The Thing in the Cellar

Part 1 of Evil Dead Rising

by Frank G. Murdock
published November 3, 2011

Archeologist Raymond Knowby has made the discovery of a lifetime: an original copy of the fabled Al Azif, better known as the Necronomicon. But when he brings the ancient book to a remote cabin in the woods of Tennessee to translate it, he gets more than he bargained for. What is the thing in the cellar, and why does it horrify him so?

The Night Force: Book of Evil

Part 2 of Evil Dead Rising

by Frank G. Murdock
published December 7, 2011

The fabled Al Azif, the original Arabic text written in blood that was later translated into the Necronomicon, has been stolen. But for what purpose? And what does the Spawn of Frankenstein have to do with it? Baron Winters assembles a new Night Force to deal with the plans of the enemy, but is it already too late? Guest starring the Blue Devil and John Constantine, and introducing Adam and Julia Kadmon of Midnight, Mass. Investigations!