Swamp Thing: The Doll’s House, Epilogue: The Wanderer

by Doc Quantum

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The Erl-King had left the land of his birth to travel the world, in order to visit his domain and meet his subjects. But as usual, horror and tragedy often followed in his wake. Most who saw him coming, and there were very few, thought him to be nothing more than a shambling monster. And so he spent his days alone as he often did in his early years, wandering and trying to find some sense in the world.

The Parliament of Trees had told him that he would find a queen one day, but none of the creatures he had met could even compare with the love he’d once known and lost. The only one he had felt a connection with was Woodrue’s daughter, the one called Blossom, who was a true princess of the Green. But his relationship with her was only familial, like that of an uncle with his niece. In a short amount of time they did become close, as if they were indeed family, but their destinies were decidedly different. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See The Doom Patrol: All Fall Down, Chapter 2: Strange Recruits.]

As the Swamp Thing sat at the edge of the Yalu River in China, gazing up at the stars, he wondered where Abby was now, and if she was happy. He was a long way from Houma, Louisiana.

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