Swamp Thing: What Friends are For, Epilogue: A Lover’s Message

by Earth Elemental 99, with Martin Maenza

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In the vast expanse of deep space, a trans-dimensional star-gate portal called the Boom Tube had been activated by the brilliant scientists of New Genesis. However, this extraordinary tunnel had been sealed shut on both ends due to the malfunction of a Mother Box unit. Despite this setback, the portal had been programmed to reopen at its designated destination over time. And on that momentous day, planet Earth would regain something it had long lost.

Within the swirling tunnel of celestial energies, the Swamp Thing lay dormant, his disembodied intelligence at peace. He sought solace, recovering from the treacherous voyages he had undertaken through the uncharted universe. His memories remained, but they did not entice him to delve into the past.

No longer did he dwell on the realms he had visited, like the desolate blue world where only fantasy and solitude prevailed, and where a hint of despair could lead to an inevitable downfall. The legend of Rann, the embodiment of hope through the presence and actions of the hero known as Adam Strange, had also faded from his thoughts. The promise of salvation and the unfinished journey of life no longer occupied his mind.

Likewise, the shared adventures with a disillusioned Green Lantern were now distant memories. Medphyll, wearied but resolute, had illuminated a path forward, showing that any crossroads in life could lead to new horizons, if only one had faith in following the emerald light.

The vision of a new world, one that sought to create and nurture life in limitless possibilities for eons to come, had also vanished from his consciousness.

Gone were the chilling and crafty machines that haunted the cosmos, resembling spectral echoes of the living beings they had once been modeled after. The living computer, Brainiac, whose existence was reduced to lines of data, no longer troubled him. And the Manhunters, arrogant and secretive, who had established hidden empires across the stars to execute their nefarious schemes, were now long forgotten.

And lastly, the formidable space gods themselves had faded into oblivion. Darkseid, the merciless tyrant ruling over countless universes, Metron with his calculated mind forever seeking knowledge, and the imminent war among the New Gods that must eventually be waged, all slipped away from his recollection, even if only for a moment.

Inside the Boom Tube, the dormant Swamp Thing’s mind was free of all worries. Unbeknownst to him, there was something unusual floating within the confines of the tunnel — an overlooked postcard. Abby had sent it to him last month, but the spectral recipient was incapable of seeing or comprehending it. Only his return to Earth would restore his abilities and bring him back to his full strength.

Meanwhile, the postcard continued to drift through the void, unnoticed. It traveled to the end of the tunnel-world, ultimately meeting its demise in the swirling energies. In an instant, the unread postcard was obliterated, vanishing along with Abby’s words, her gentle touch, and all the emotions she had poured into it. Nonetheless, the message of their unwavering love remained intact. Even through Alec’s torment, his deep affection for Abby remained his anchor, keeping him sane.

“Abby…” he murmured, before sinking back into slumber.

He knew that soon he would awaken renewed, ready to return to the world of his creation. In the meantime, he found solace in the fact that his beloved wife awaited his safe return. It brought him immense comfort, knowing that she patiently waited for him, just as he longed to be in her presence.

“Abby… my love…” he whispered.

And for Alec Holland, that tender knowledge alone was enough to calm his troubled thoughts.

Continued in The Books of Magic: Fever of Death

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