Superman: Out for Blood, Epilogue: All the Time in the World

by Martin Maenza

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Watching a broadcast of one of the news channels that his complex systems intercepted, a man dressed from head to toe in purple watched with dismay. Only his hands and his face, with its long, pointed nose, were uncovered. The news broke with the story of Superman’s capture of Bloodsport.

“That fool!” the man cursed. “I had hoped that man’s former battle experience would provide him an edge. Instead, it led to his downfall and capture. Still, the plan was not a complete failure. The testing of the weapon-retrieval systems was a success. I can put that to use in my next endeavor.

“Also, my clandestine operation remains unrevealed. That will allow me to strike at my enemies another time. All I need is to formulate a more brilliant strategy. But then, I have all the time in the world.”

And with that, Xotar the Weapons Master from the year 11,960 A.D., began to plot once more.

The End

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