Supergirl: 1983: Emotional Rescue, Chapter 1: Going Crazy

by Libbylawrence

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Supergirl soared over New York City, smiling as she basked in the autumn sunlight.

This city may not get the temperatures that New Athens or San Francisco receives, but it still feels nice to this newcomer, she thought. Of course, after living here for a few weeks, I doubt I qualify as a true newcomer anymore. (*) The blonde heroine enjoyed the rush of the city after the relative quiet of New Athens. As a girl used to the crowds of Argo City or the quick commute to Metropolis from Midvale, I just prefer the feel of a big city.

[(*) Editor’s note: Supergirl moved to New York City in “The Super-Switch to New York,” Superman Family #208 (July, 1981).]

Not that the city didn’t invoke other, less benign feelings in some natives. Gunshots echoed, and she stopped to turn and swoop back downward. A scan of the subway revealed a gunman on the passing train.

Faster than a speeding locomotive, et cetera, et cetera, she thought as she caught up to the subway and ducked through a door to see the gunman.

“I’ll blow ya away!” he said, waving a gun. “I’m from Long Island. I mean bizness.”

“Really? What business, exactly, do you mean? I hope it’s one that comes with dental insurance,” joked Supergirl. She snatched the gun from his hand before he could react, and then tapped him on the cheek with just enough force to drop him to the floor.

The crowd cheered, and one drunken rider lurched up to say, “Hey, aren’t you Helen Slater?”

“Never heard of her,” replied Supergirl as she exited.


The set of Secret Hearts buzzed with activity as cast and crew hurried to prepare to tape the popular soap opera. One starlet of the show was Linda Danvers, Supergirl’s alter ego. As Margo Hatton, she was becoming the hot new vixen of the increasingly popular show.

“I think you could be the next Heather Locklear, Linda,” said producer Alan Ward. “In fact, we wondered if you’d go blonde for a few episodes, just to get the viewer response.”

“Blonde?” replied a concerned Linda.

“Yes! Can we do a few test photos of you in a blonde wig, even?” he said eagerly. “How about it? Maybe a long Supergirl-styled one?” He called out, “Hey, wardrobe! Get a wig for Linda, here, like we discussed!”

“No!” Linda cried angrily. “I refuse to become some dumb blonde! I won’t let you ruin my image. I’m the one drawing viewers as I am now!” She tossed the script at him and stormed off in tears.

In her dressing room, she sighed in relief. “That temper tantrum will probably fuel the tabloids, but I couldn’t let them put a Supergirl wig on me,” she said to herself. “That might just make people start to connect New York’s two newest female sensations. Still, I never meant to blow up like that. The tears were real! What’s gotten into me? Am I becoming a real diva?”


Her day ended with the producer appeasing his starlet with a promise of no blonde wigs. She returned to her apartment in time to pick up the phone.

“Hello?” she said cheerily. “Oh, hi, Mom! Glad it’s you.”

Edna Danvers sounded upset.

“What’s wrong?” asked a worried Linda. “I know something is bothering you!”

Edna Danvers answered, “Oh, Linda! I think your father is having an affair!”

Linda gasped, “Oh, Mom, that’s so unlike Daddy. He adores you. He makes Ward Cleaver look like a playboy!”

Edna sniffed. “I know. But he is acting very odd lately. Coming and going at strange hours and acting very suspicious.”

“Could be work-related,” suggested Linda. “STAR Labs keeps him jumping. Remember he lost his assistants in the last cutback. Too bad my other dad is away, or he’d be glad to lend him a hand once more.”

“My Two Dads! Sounds like you are too into TV these days,” Edna joked bravely.

Linda smiled. “I’ll be home immediately and talk to him.”

“I hate to bother you when you are so busy.”

Linda swooped into the Danvers home in Midvale after hanging up the phone only a moment earlier. “It’s no bother,” she said, hugging her adoptive mother. “You know I owe everything to you two.”


Later, Linda was sitting on her old bed with the pink sheets and canopy, gazing at the piles of stuffed animals and records her loving family had showered her with since they first brought her home from the Midvale Orphanage years ago.

It is so good to come home, she thought. Without this place and the Danvers, I doubt Earth would ever have truly become like home for me.

She reclined on the fluffy pillows and remembered the many times she had been forced to spoil other potential adoptive parents’ attempts to claim her. She had been warned by her supportive cousin Kal-El not to allow herself to be adopted until they were ready to announce her existence to the world. She trained in secret with him and came to relish their time together. Still, he was not a true parent to her, and she had longed for the love she had known from Zor-El and Alura in Argo City.

Finally, during a time in which she had lost her powers temporarily, she had been adopted by the loving Danvers. She did, of course, regain her abilities and soon even revealed them to the startled Edna and Fred. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See “Supergirl’s Secret Enemy,” Action Comics #279 (August, 1961) and “The World’s Greatest Heroine,” Action Comics #285 (February, 1962).]

As Linda Lee Danvers, she had lived happily here in the small town of Midvale, where her new father worked as a lab researcher. This small town outside Metropolis had seemed so tiny then, but she loved it at home, too.

She saw her old prom queen photo from Midvale High and smiled at the sight of the clean-cut, severely crew-cutted Dick Malverne. She suddenly had the irresistable urge to see the law student. Her dad was not home yet, so why not visit Dick first?


Linda Danvers entered the Midvale Public Library and sat down next to the studious Dick Malverne.

“Hi, aren’t you Ben Matlock?” she teased.

“Linda!” said the startled Dick. “Welcome back! What brings you here? Just visiting your folks?”

“Guilty. How are you?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” he said. “I hope to finish law school soon. I may teach, but I don’t know yet. How’s the TV game?”

“Exciting! I do enjoy it, though.”

“I always knew you were a good actress,” he said, grinning. “Remember how you fooled me into thinking you weren’t Supergirl?”

“What? No — I am not Supergirl!” she sputtered.

“I know,” he said, laughing. “Just teasing. I was such a pain back then at the orphanage, wasn’t I? I always had it in my warped little brain that you were her. What a kook I was!”

She smiled and touched his hand. On impulse, she kissed him passionately. He blinked and said, “Linda, I… we… I thought you knew I was seeing someone else — have been for years.”

“Dick, I’m sorry,” she said, blushing furiously. “J-just a weird Hollywood moment coming out in me.” She said a quick goodbye and hurried home.

What in the name of Wegthor are you thinking, girl? she mused. My emotions are running crazy! She sat down in her old room and pondered her weird behavior.

Then her Dad entered. “Linda! Good to see you. What brings you here? Has your mother been running her mouth again?”

Linda embraced Fred Danvers but frowned as his words sank in. “Dad!” she scolded. “That doesn’t sound like you! What’s wrong?”

“I think I’m going crazy!” he said, emotion cracking his voice.

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