Secret Society of Super-Villains: The Hidden Menace, Epilogue: Snake in the Grass

by Martin Maenza

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Sometime later, after retiring to his room and locking the door, Copperhead carefully removed the ventilation grate over his bed and slipped up inside of the shaft. A wicked smile ran from ear to ear as his specially lubricated costume allowed him to move through the confining air shaft with little problem or sound.

Finally, he thought, I’ll be rid of that little two-timing shrew once and for all! It took a while to set it all up, but in the end I get the last laugh! Now, she’ll be the one hitting the bricks, and I am in the free and clear once more. That’ll teach her to steal from me!

Copperhead stopped at a certain point in the shaft. Right before him was a small object. He reached forward and took it. Even in the dim light of the vent, he marveled at its beauty. There you are, my pretty little diamond, he thought. It took me a while to retrieve you, but you’re rightfully back where you belong!

The serpentine villain started back toward his room again.

But now that I know that Scudder’s got access to everything around here, I’ll have to choose a very special hiding place for my ill-gotten gains. I can’t have him figuring out I’m pulling heists on the side to further line my own pockets.

I’ve had to suck up an awful lot to get the trusted position I have with him; I’m not about to let my greed go and blow it all.

And with that, the true snake in the den of vipers went back into hiding once more.

The End

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