Showcase: Whatever Happened to Atlas? Epilogue: The First King

by Libbylawrence

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Bzil interrupted Arion’s tale to say, “So Atlas came from another realm, and his crystal was a science from that world! His people always kept fragments of that crystal in hopes that someday their race would use it to locate them!”

“Aye,” said Arion. “Atlas and Lana wed, and their band settled on the ruins beyond the crystal ship. Those ruins once belonged to another alien race. While some of the followers of Atlas eventually managed to use the crystal ship to leave Earth for space, others remained to found a city whose name was taken from those of Atlas and Lana. While marriage with people of this world eventually eliminated the great strength found in the race from which Atlas came, our current kings still retain the long life his people knew!”

“Atlantis!” cried Bzil.

Arion smiled and said, “Aye! That is why the statue of mighty Atlas is first. He built upon this very plain the City of the Golden Gate, and he was the first king of what would become our noble Atlantean Empire!”

The child stared up at the statue and smiled. “Arion, will you tell me about the other heroes?” he asked.

Arion laughed and said, “Aye, but not today! I have work of my own to do to make sure that all Atlas built does not fall away to the perils of today!”

The End

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