Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: 1951: Founding Fathers, Epilogue: School of Magic

by CSyphrett, with Martin Maenza

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January 1, 1952:

A teenager looking much older than his years who wore an ill-fitting brown suit stepped up to the dais on the auditorium stage. Before him was a small group of children, all excited and anxious. He cleared his throat and leaned into the microphone. “Good day,” he began. “I am Gareth Gallowglass, the island’s caretaker, and this is the first commencement of the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge. I will keep the speech short, since there is a lot to do, even on this day of January 1st, 1952.

“The first thing on the list is to let you know that the school year runs from this day to October 31st. There are three weeks throughout the school year where you will be able to go home and visit with your families. If you do not wish to start class with us, or if feel you are not up to the academic challenge, be at the dock on the beach tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.”

He looked over his charges, who were hardly much younger than he was, with a great deal of confidence. And so the figure once called Gary the Miracle Boy presided over the first class of the new school of magic on the newly renamed Grimoire Island. His official title for now was caretaker, but in the decades to come as he grew to adulthood and gained the maturity that the years would give him, he would grow and learn much from the school’s founding fathers, until he would finally become the greatest headmaster the academy had ever known.

The End

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