Secret Origins: The Books of Magic: 1951: Founding Fathers, Epilogue: School of Magic

by CSyphrett, with Martin Maenza

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January 1, 1952:

A young man who appeared far older than his age confidently approached the stage in his ill-fitting brown suit. Excitement and nervousness radiated from the small group of children before him, their eyes fixed on him, waiting. Gareth Gallowglass, the island’s caretaker, cleared his throat and leaned toward the microphone, his voice strong and determined.

“Good day,” he began, his words carrying across the auditorium. “I am Gareth Gallowglass, and this is the first commencement of the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge.” The room buzzed with anticipation. Gareth surveyed the eager faces before him before continuing.

“I’ll make this brief,” he declared. “There’s much to be done on this special day, the first of January, 1952.” His eyes surveyed the room, meeting the gazes of those responsible for reshaping the magical education of future generations. Confidence filled his tone as his words gained momentum.

“Let it be known that our academic year commences today and concludes on October 31st,” Gareth explained, his voice resonating with certainty. “You’ll have opportunities to visit your families during three designated weeks throughout the school year. However, if you have doubts about starting this journey with us or feel unprepared for the challenges that await, meet us at the dock on the beach tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.”

His gaze lingered on his charges, realizing that they were not much younger than he was. Yet, Gareth, the former Miracle Boy who was now the Master of the Impossible, possessed an unwavering determination to guide them toward greatness. With time, he would come to understand the weight of his title as caretaker, growing in wisdom and knowledge alongside the academy’s foundation.

In the decades that followed, Gareth’s path would merge with the founding fathers of Grimoire Island, forever shaping his destiny. As he matured into adulthood, he would grow in wisdom and maturity, until he was ready to become the greatest headmaster the academy had ever seen.

The End

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