The Paladins: Albion’s Call, Book 1, Epilogue: Cameo

by Brian K. Asbury

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“Okey-dokey. Soon have ya lookin’ pretty again, babe.”

Sandie Bremmer looked doubtful at the prospect of placing her future well-being in the hands of yet another alien, but she dutifully sat still as the huge extraterrestrial tinkered with the electronic components scattered about her workbench.

Detective Chief Superintendent Ken Hanson hovered in the background. “Thanks for coming on such short notice, Kilowog,” he said. “We appreciate this very much.”

“Aw, that’s OK, bud,” said the big alien Green Lantern. “This oughta be a walk in the park. There’re enough bits ‘n’ pieces left over from them Dominion gizmos ta put together the frammistan we need ta restore ya girly to normal.”

“Hey! Girly?

“Sorry, Toots. I’ll keep my big mouth shut an’ get on with it.”

Across the other side of the room, the Knight was explaining a few salient facts to Godiva. “And that’s it. The Dominion obviously found out that my father’s people were here, and decided to eliminate us. They do tend to hold grudges a long time.”

“That’s terrible. And you’re sure they will try again?”

“You can depend upon it. Which is why we’ll have to be ready for anything. Don’t worry,” he added. “We beat them once — we can beat them again. And I’m already getting a few ideas on how to contact the scattered Sons of the Wing. If we can mobilise them when the time comes, we should be able to deal with a few Dominators.”

“I wish I shared your optimism.”

The Squire, who had heard most of this before, wandered over to Kilowog. “Any luck?”

“Just finishin’ up, shortstuff. OK, Toots — slip ya wrist inta this bracelet. I made it from bits o’ that poozer’s space-warp gizmos. Plus, I read up on Hawkman’s files, an’ I figger what happened to you’s similar to the way a guy called the Shadow-Thief does his stuff. This oughta reverse the effect.”

“Let’s hope you’re right,” said Sandie. She moved her two-dimensional arm into the bracelet. Kilowog activated a switch, and the arm became flesh and blood once more. “It worked. I’m human again!”

“Told ya.”

“Will she stay human if she takes it off?” asked Hanson.

“Nah. That’s the snag.”

“You mean I’ll have to wear this all the time?” Sandie said.

“Seems better than the alternative to me,” the Squire said.

Kilowog grinned. “Ah, dontcha worry, Toots. Now we know it works, I can build the circuitry into somethin’ less conspicuous.” He glanced at the power ring he wore. “Coupla rings, maybe. An’ I can include an on-off switch so’s ya can turn ya powers on whenever ya want ’em.”

The Squire laughed. “Which means that you can join our new Paladins team as Cameo.”

Paladins?” said Sandie.

“Well, it sounds better than CINEMA,” explained the teenager.

The Knight and Godiva came over. “Now wait a minute, young partner,” Perry Redhawk said. “I didn’t agree to joining a team. I’m not even sure I want to take on this role permanently. For now, this is just until we’ve dealt with the Dominion problem.”

“I agree,” said Godiva. “And besides, I already have a team — the Global Guardians.”

“Well, sounds good ta me,” said Kilowog. “I’m a team kinda guy myself, so don’t knock it till ya’ve tried it. An’ if ya need the help of a ring-slinger anytime,” he added, rising. “Give the G.L. Citadel a call. I wouldn’t mind bustin’ some Dominion butt myself.”

Ken Hanson grinned as the big Green Lantern phased through the wall. He looked at the assembled quartet of heroes and potential heroes. Not a team yet. Not yet. But they will be, he thought. They would if he had any say in the matter. All they needed was some extra muscle. And he had just the lady in mind to provide that.

Continued in The Paladins: Albion’s Call, Book 2: The Company of Fenris

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