Legion of Super-Heroes: Faerie Tale, Epilogue: Manipulated Events

by Libbylawrence

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Far from the Legion’s own dimension, the ancient planet of Orando grew darker as its beaten people accepted their new king. The old crone named Hagga turned to see the malevolent bearded figure step forward and stride out of the shadows to march to the empty royal throne. He sat down and glared at those around him.

No one reacted or dared to challenge him or his obvious power. They merely bowed their heads to the stone floor and chanted his name in ever-louder tones.

“I knew if I could lure the Legion to Nadir via my blood-crystal-fueled manipulation of Artros, they would eventually find and destroy the other hidden crystal,” he roared. “That, in turn, drew away all the remaining magic left to that ancient world, and that magic, in turn, came back to me! I have much of my old power back, and that is enough with which to rule this world until it is time for me to conquer the universe entire!”

Hagga trembled and bowed low to her new master, as did the frightened and thoroughly dominated Council of Regents.

The only sound beyond his dark laughter was the desperate chanting of his name. “Mordru! Mordru! Mordru!”

The End

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