Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Wearing the Green, Epilogue: The Director

by CSyphrett

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He was base humanoid this month, almost human in his phenotype. He sat at his desk and regarded his part of his galaxy with the equanimity of age and experience.

Tap, tap, tap.

“Come,” he said, his deep voice faintly echoing in the room.

“We have the patterns,” said the lackey in the door. “The body was destroyed.”

“Unfortunate,” said the Director. “What about our agent?”

“He was terminated by a Green Lantern,” said the lackey, as if reporting inclement weather.

“Which one?”

“Fae,” said the lackey.

“Noleon Fae,” said the Director, dismissing his hireling with a wave of his fingers. “You’re gradually becoming an annoyance to me.”

Continued in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps: Noleon Fae: Dictator Blues

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