The Books of Magic: The Mysterious Student, Epilogue: The Sighting

by Christine Nightstar

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Last year, during a visit to the Clock Room, Tim Hunter and Rick Billings had discovered a hidden paradise that other students had enjoyed over the decades. Nestled within the portal worlds they were permitted to explore, they stumbled upon a secluded haven where they could truly unwind. Dubbed the Picnic World by Mr. Belmont, the Clock Tower’s curator, this idyllic retreat boasted perpetual sunshine and an absence of danger, save for the occasional encounter with roaming dinosaurs such as raptors and triceratops. Yet, these prehistoric creatures never dared approach the portal’s entrance, thanks to a permanent enchantment spell placed there by former Headmistress Webster, also known as Margo the Magician, many years before.

Adding to its allure, the Picnic World possessed a mesmerizing feature: a pollen carried by the playful wind. This mystical pollen possessed unparalleled relaxing properties, casting a blissful spell upon all who inhaled it. Curiously, no one had succeeded in unraveling the secrets of this ethereal substance. Perhaps the only individual capable of deciphering its enigma was Mrs. Cable, who had unfortunately departed the island after a mere two-month stay the previous year.

Time seemed to fleet away effortlessly within the confines of the Picnic World. However, whenever the Clock Tower chimed and its resonating vibrations rippled through the air, nearby individuals were instinctively alerted to the presence of the portal. Today, Tim and Rick found themselves in close proximity to the portal when its sonorous echoes permeated the air. The peculiarities of the portal, however, were not the sole reason for the duo’s early arrival at their three o’clock classes.

At two-thirty that afternoon, Tim’s eyes widened as he glimpsed the ominous figure in black once more. This time, the mysterious figure stalked toward him on the very grounds of the Picnic World itself. Bafflingly, neither Tim nor Rick perceived the portal’s opening or heard its distinctive hum. Alarmed by this disconcerting anomaly, the two friends sprinted toward the portal in a desperate bid for safety. Utilizing the recall keys generously bestowed upon them by Mr. Belmont, they sought refuge within the familiar embrace of their beloved Clock Tower.

The apparition that Tim had observed possessed a chilling aura, exuding an unsettling and potentially nefarious presence. Most significantly, it marked the inaugural sighting of this enigmatic figure by Rick, who had remained oblivious until this very moment.

Continued in The Books of Magic: The Spirit World

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