The Books of Magic: Ride a Black Horse, Epilogue: The Cruel Truth

by CSyphrett and Martin Maenza

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Gareth Gallowglass moved swiftly through the corridors of the school, keeping his steps purposeful and his demeanor aloof. However, it seemed that he couldn’t evade Abby Cable, the platinum-haired woman who had been determined to find him all morning. It was almost as if he possessed an uncanny ability to sense her presence and avoid her. But today, she managed to catch up with him in the heart of the sprawling Bestiary.

“Sir,” Abby called out, her voice full of determination as she brought her brisk stride to a halt. “I need to take some time off to verify if what Adam Strange mentioned is true.”

With an unyielding expression, Mr. Gallowglass didn’t even pause as he retorted, “No.”

Confusion flickered across Abby’s face, her eyes blinking in disbelief. “Excuse me?” she mumbled, unable to comprehend his response.

Fixing his gaze firmly on her, Gallowglass stated matter-of-factly, “I already know that the one they call the Swamp Thing is alive.”

Abby’s voice shook as she asked incredulously, “You…you knew?”

Without a hint of apology or regret, Gallowglass confirmed, “Yes, I have always known.”

An explosion of emotions threatened to overwhelm Abby as she struggled to find her words. “And you didn’t tell me?” she exclaimed, her voice laced with hurt and accusation. “Why? Why would you keep such vital information from me? Didn’t you think it would be important to me?”

Gallowglass met her gaze, his bitterness evident in his tone. “I don’t care how important it is to you,” he spat out, seemingly unfazed by the pain etched across Abby’s face. “It holds no significance to the functioning of this academy, nor does it hold any personal value to me.”

Before he could retreat any further, Abby stepped into his path, blocking his way. Desperation filled her voice as she pleaded, “How can you be so cruel? We’re meant to be a team, and you withhold crucial information like this?”

A flicker of an emotion Abby couldn’t quite identify passed through Gallowglass’ eyes. “Because it is my duty,” he replied with an air of resignation. “And that’s just the way it is.” With those words hanging heavy in the air, he turned abruptly, leaving Abby standing there, her heart throbbing with disappointment and unshed tears.

As he walked away, Gallowglass couldn’t help but feel a pang of regret gnawing at him. But the burden of his position as headmaster bore heavily on his shoulders, leaving little room for personal connections or revealing truths that may disrupt the delicate balance of Grimoire Academy.

Continued in The Books of Magic: Rise of the Bloody Moon

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