Arion, Lord of Atlantis: Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Darkness, Epilogue: The Pattern in the Stars

by Libbylawrence

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The next day, as Arion and T’Gallah sat by Wyynde’s bedside, Lady Chian turned to Mara and said, “He refuses to leave his side. His magic has done much to heal the burns and remove the pain, but he hasn’t been able to restore his mind or awaken him from his trauma.”

“I see T’Gallah has been here all night, too,” said Mara. “She must truly love him.”

“She does,” said Chian. “We all do. Mara, I am sorry I wasn’t there for you when Dharel led you to such danger and pain.”

“You had a life of your own to lead,” said Mara. “I’m fine. Arion made me see the truth.” She hugged Chian for a moment, then abruptly backed away. “I’ll get us some food. Since so many of the guardsmen are helping those disgruntled folks repair the temple of Deedra, we’re gonna be shorthanded!” She referred to the practical steps that Queen T’Gallah had taken to try to appease some of the angry people in the city in order to prevent such madness from being used by Kr’rth again.

As Mara¬†walked away, Kali muttered to Owyns, “I saw the pattern in the stars! Wyynde may die tonight. I should have read them more clearly, but I doubted my charts. I fear we will lose him ere long!”

Mara did not hear her words; she was occupied with other thoughts and other feelings. When Arion touched my mind with his own and opened up to me in a way not even Chian has experienced with him, it did more than free me of hatred, she thought. Deedra forgive me! I think I’m in love with him now!

And so, as one story ended on an uncertain note, another began.

Continued in Arion, Lord of Atlantis: Shadows of Things to Come

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