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Times Past

Late 1985


The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Mister Miracle: Sideshow Lowdown

by Martin Maenza
published October 5, 2001

Green Arrow goes undercover to expose wrongdoings in a traveling carnival! But when he gets in too deep, can an unexpected ally in the form of an undercover Mister Miracle, the escape artist, come to his aid?


The Brave and the Bold: Green Arrow and Adam Strange: Rocket Robin Hood

An Invasion crossover

by HarveyKent
published September 7, 2002

When Green Arrow’s JLA transporter beam crosses paths with a zeta beam, he is transported to the planet Rann! And he’s just in time to help planetary champion Adam Strange, since the Invasion has reached this world as well! But by some cosmic coincidence, one of Green Arrow’s oldest enemies is part of the Alien Alliance invasion force — and he’s gunning for G.A.!

Super-Stars of Space: Worlds’ Finest

by Goose Gansler
published October 4, 2002

In a faraway galaxy, super-heroes from a number of worlds join together to face a deadly crystalline menace that threatens to destroy whole planets unless they can stop it! But who is responsible for setting loose this creature? And why is this space sector so isolated? Featuring Mighty Man of Zumoor, Kell Orr of Xenon, Luma Lynai the Superwoman, Regor of Uuz, Solarman of Helion, and Skyboy of Kormo — together joining forces as the Worlds’ Finest!

LEGION: Legacy of Tyrants

An Invasion crossover

by Brian K. Asbury
published December 24, 2002

Vril Dox and a small band of hired specialists take on Lex Luthor and Garguax on the Moon to rescue Stealth and save Colu from the Alien Alliance! But for what reason does Dox want Luthor? And who is the mysterious Phase? Introducing LEGION — Licensed Extra-Governmental Interstellar Operatives Network!

Super-Stars of Space: Wonder-Man: Revenge and Redemption

by Goose Gansler
published February 14, 2003

Years ago, Superman trapped the interplanetary villains known as the Superman Revenge Squad on their planetary base! But now, as the Revengers manage to free themselves from their prison, the Man of Steel is far too busy on Earth after the Invasion to stop them! As the Squad prepares to strike, can another hero both foil their plot and find his own redemption at the same time? Reintroducing Ar-Val the New Superman, now known as Wonder-Man!

Super-Stars of Space: Marvel Maid and Marvel Man: Terra’s Finest

by Goose Gansler
published December 12, 2003

Fed up with the Galaxy Crimeteers’ hold on Zarria, the Peace Vigilantes make a desperate bid to get super-help to liberate their world! Enter Marvel Maid and Marvel Man, the marvelous duo of the planet Terra! Can these super-cousins fight off a deadly threat capable of taking down Superman himself?

Super-Stars of Space: Green Eggheads on the Lam

by Goose Gansler
published May 21, 2004

Grumm and Boz, two members of Brainiac’s original gang from the planet Colu, have been imprisoned in Kandor for several years now. When Brainiac attacks New Kandor on Rokyn, it seems that their day has come. But could it be that their master has forgotten them? Then who is the other green-skinned, computer-brained figure who shows up to take them away? Introducing Cerebrac!

The New Gods: The Angel of Apokolips

by Starsky Hutch 76
published January 9, 2011

Apokolips, home of the poverty-stricken hunger dogs and their ruthless lord and master Darkseid, is hardly a natural setting for a Christmas tale. But when the youngest son of Darkseid learns of Christmas, his innocently joyful embrace of the Yuletide season causes others to subtly challenge Darkseid’s rule. Is the answer sending the boy to be browbeaten at Granny Goodness’ orphanage, or is there another solution?


Super-Stars of Space: Radea and Vaalor: Mind Over Machine

by Goose Gansler
published October 17, 2014

The Guardians of the Clockwork Universe, known as the Clockworkers, summon Radea, the Woman of the Future, to deal with a dangerous natural menace on the world of the Automs. But as Radea soon discovers, this is no natural menace! Can the young super-hero known as Vaalor rescue her from captivity, or would they be better off switching places?

Super-Stars of Space: The Universe and Mr. Leiber

by Libbylawrence
published September 11, 2009

When cosmic energy strikes the Earth, astronaut Stacy Macklin is given another chance to become Lady Lunar, but this time as a super-heroine! And she is not the only one, as she meets several other heroes and villains in similar situations: Karb-Brak the Andromedan, Remoni-Notra the second Star Sapphire, Moonman, Pulsar, and Skyman! To learn the secret of their cosmically restored powers, they must embark on an epic voyage to outer space! Meanwhile, various worlds are bombarded by mind-controlled armies bent on destruction! Who is behind this cosmic conquest? And what has all this got to do with a humble bookstore owner named Julius Leiber? Guest starring the Honor Team of Thronn, Queen Bee, Ron-Avon, and Genia, and introducing Cobol the Starknight!

Future Tales

21st Century

22nd Century

Secret Origins: The Origin of Space Ranger

by Libbylawrence
published March 19, 2010

Rick Starr, dashing young heir to the 22nd-century multiplanetary company Allied Solar Enterprises, has it all. So why is he so bored? Leaping at the chance to become a costumed hero like those of the 20th century, but unwilling to disappoint his father’s expectations of him, he dons the identity of Space Ranger and gains allies in Myra Mason and the shape-changing Cryll. But will space pirate Norvo the Cunning put an end to his heroic career before it has truly begun?

Mystery in Space: Star Rovers: The Scavenger Hunt of Space

by HarveyKent
published May 2, 2001

The Star Rovers of the 22nd century partake in their greatest quest yet when they participate in a scavenger hunt across the stars! But what is the true purpose for finding these rare items scattered over three worlds, and what does it have to do with a villain from the 20th century? Guest starring Space Ranger, Space Cabbie, and Star Hawkins, as well as a famous space-faring hero from the past!

Mystery in Space: The Occupant

by Starsky Hutch 76
published March 24, 2002

Space Cabbie tells a tale about a young man in a rough neighborhood trying to keep his existence a secret in order to remain in what he thinks is Heaven. When two police officers come to investigate, they meet the anomaly called Jerome.

Mystery in Space: The Flaw of Perfection

by Martin Maenza
published June 7, 2002

Space Cabbie tells a tale of the world of Koncord and its inhabitants, who achieved societal and technological perfection, as well as a long-lasting peace. Unfortunately for this world, a powerful enemy finds a way to exploit the fatal flaw of Koncord’s perfection!

Mystery in Space: Something’s Wrong with Rupert

by Starsky Hutch 76
published June 25, 2002

Space Cabbie tells a tale about a robot who gets a new perspective on things.

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and the Star Rovers: Silverthorn

by HarveyKent
published May 12, 2003

The Star Rovers test an experimental time-travel device by going back to 1987 to witness the debut of a new super-hero named Silverthorn — and the death of Batman?!

Mystery in Space: Whatever Happened to Space Cabbie?

by HarveyKent
published July 15, 2002

For years the man known only as Space Cabbie has had adventures in the 22nd century from Mercury to Pluto and beyond! Now he is retiring from driving a space cab. But are his days of adventure truly over? Discover here, for the first time, the incredible secret of Space Cabbie’s identity!

Earth After the Great Disaster