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Times Past

Kong the Untamed: On Silent Wings of Hate

by Libbylawrence, partially adapted from Kong the Untamed #1 by Jack Oleck and Alfredo Alcala
published September 21, 2002

The young Kong and Gurat the beast-man have finally found peace and safety with the Lanktor tribe, riders of the flying lizards! But when the Lanktors fall under the control of an evil enemy, will Kong have to slay an innocent to save not only his life but that of his new friends? Enter once more the primitive world of Kong the Untamed as he must fight for a new home against an undying hatred!

Showcase: Whatever Happened to Atlas?

by Libbylawrence, partially adapted from 1st Issue Special #1 by Jack Kirby
published August 28, 2003

The story of the ancient hero Atlas the Great is the stuff of legends! It begins when a young boy witnesses his father’s murder at the hands of slavers! It continues as that boy grows in great strength and size to become the mighty Atlas, finally confronting the evil warlord Hyssa! But the story does not end there! Now, for the first time, learn the rest of this legendary hero’s tale, and discover why his statue is first in Atlantis’ Field of Heroes!

Arion, Lord of Atlantis: Seeds of Hope, Seeds of Darkness

by Libbylawrence
published July 3, 2003

In the aftermath of the sinking of the Atlantean capital, Arion works to establish a new home in Mu for the refugees from the City of the Golden Gate! But what connection does an ancient evil have to Mara’s hostility and resentment toward the high mage of Atlantis?

Arion, Lord of Atlantis: Shadows of Things to Come

by Libbylawrence
published July 12, 2003

Seeking to save his friend Wyynde, Arion ventures into the Darkworld for mystical help! But he soon discovers that his world is in peril from new and deadly forces from another dimension — the Shadow-Gods! Guest starring Claw the Unconquered!

Arion, Lord of Atlantis: Damsels and Dragons

by Libbylawrence
published August 4, 2003

The Shadow-Gods of the Seven Hells have invaded the realm of Atlantis, and their pawns have begun to wreak havoc over the Earth! The crisis leads Arion and Wyynde to encounter damsels, dragons, and danger! Featuring the final fate of Thiron, bearer of the Dragonsword, and guest starring Claw the Unconquered!

The Old West

Weird Western Tales: Jonah Hex and Scalphunter: Times Past, 1877: Full Moon Bounty

by Drivtaan
published November 1, 2015

As a well-traveled bounty hunter, Jonah Hex has seen a lot of strange things in his day. But as he and Scalphunter follow the trail of a seemingly ordinary man to the town of Sundown, he turns out to be more than either of them had expected!

Weird Western Tales: The Devil’s Right Hand

by CSyphrett
published February 27, 2002

The story of Kid Kelly, one of the Old West’s most notorious killers, can finally be told. Before he became Kid Kelly, he was just a thirteen-year-old boy who should have listened to his mother’s warning that a pistol is the Devil’s right hand.

20th Century

Men of War: 1914: A Christmas Eve Memory

by Drivtaan
published December 23, 2020

Life in the trenches for a soldier in the Great War was brutal, allowing for no peace or rest. But then the sounds of a familiar Christmas carol are heard from across No Man’s Land one Christmas Eve.

Weird War Tales: The Family

by Drivtaan
published October 31, 2009

A World War I soldier finds himself in a precarious situation on the battlefield and receives a little help from beyond. Sometimes family ties still bind, even after death.



Jonny Double: Times Past, 1978: Disappearing Act

by Martin Maenza
published October 12, 2001

Befriending a certain stage magician, Jonny Double discovers that he isn’t the only one interested in the beautiful young woman! After a group of men abduct her, the hapless detective tries to track her down, but soon finds that this is no ordinary kidnapping! Guest starring Zatanna!


Challengers of the Unknown: Times Past, 1981: The Forgotten

by Libbylawrence
published November 23, 2005

The Challengers of the Unknown face mysterious perils from a forgotten past as they investigate a haunted Virginian inn. But as Corinna Stark, the newest Challenger, uses her rapport with the mystical to commune with the troubled spirit of a forgotten man, can a timely sacrifice save both the ghost and the team itself?

Late 1985

Showcase: Detective Convention: Who Killed the Angle Man?

by Martin Maenza
published November 21, 2001

A Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover

During the twenty-four-hour period that the five Earths are merged, a detective convention in Las Vegas turns serious when the costumed villain Angle Man is found dead! Who killed him and why? Five famed detectives and one policewoman — Jonni Thunder, Jonny Double, Harvey Bullock, Christopher Chance, Angel O’Day, and Liza Warner — are about to find out! Guest starring Earth-Four’s Michael Mauser!

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld: Out of the Shadows

by Libbylawrence
published July 5, 2010

After being blinded by Shadow Demons during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amethyst was informed by Doctor Fate that she is a daughter of a Lord of Order and quite possibly the most powerful being alive. But how much of this is true and how much misdirection? And when the new threat of the Starry Sky beings strikes the Gemworld, must the royal houses make a pact with their worst enemy in order to survive?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Human Target: Target: Clark Kent

by Harvey Kent
published September 23, 2000

Somebody wants Clark Kent dead! Christopher Chance, the Human Target, must keep him alive while Superman tracks down the would-be assassin!



The Brave and the Bold: Animal Man and Rip Hunter: Didn’t I See You Die?

by Philip-Todd Franklin
published January 19, 2004

Animal Man seeks the help of his old friend and fellow Forgotten Heroes alumni Rip Hunter, Time Master, to solve a strange case. Learning about a supernatural force in South Africa that kills everything in its path, Buddy Baker is shocked when he recognizes the man causing it — even more so since he saw that man die many years ago! How will this time paradox affect Animal Man’s own history? Guest starring the Phantom Stranger!

Showcase: Mysto, Magician Detective: Men of Mystery

by Libbylawrence
published March 1, 2004

Frustrated by his own family’s disinterest in his career, and long overshadowed by super-heroes like Superman and Batman, the retired Mysto the Magician Detective stumbles into Madame Xanadu’s shop, where he learns how much good he actually did as a hero! Guest starring the Phantom Stranger!

The Warlord: Outside Influences

An Invasion crossover

by Martin Maenza
published September 3, 2002

Skartaris is invaded, leading Travis Morgan and his ally to come to the lizard-men’s rescue! But can even the Warlord prevail over a group of trained Gordanian soldiers packing alien weapons? Enter the lost world of the Warlord and learn why only the strong survive in this savage land! Guest starring the Scarab!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Sea Devils: The X-odus Agenda

by HarveyKent
published March 20, 2003

Captain X, a brooding, Byronic figure under the sea, was sometimes an enemy and sometimes an ally of the Sea Devils in the past. Why has he returned now with a fantastic new scheme involving Superman?

Showcase: Whatever Happened to Nightmaster?

by Martin Maenza
published June 1, 2003

Back in 1969, rock ‘n’ roll star Jim Rook found himself in a very strange, magical land called Myrra, where he wielded a magical sword to save the kingdom as Nightmaster! Find out what happened to him after that and how it leads him to a very fateful encounter one autumn night!

Rip Hunter, Time Master: The Master of Time

by Libbylawrence
published January 7, 2006

When a much older version of one of Rip Hunter’s team visits the Time Master in the present, only to die shortly after, Rip has a mystery on his hands. Reuniting the team, Rip Hunter and the Time Masters play a game of cat and mouse throughout the time stream. But as Rip Hunter soon discovers, he is trying to defeat an enemy who may be more of a Time Master than he is! Guest starring Star Hawkins, greatest detective of the 21st century, and Kong the Untamed from a primitive prehistoric era!

The Warlord: Unto Us a Son

by Drivtaan
published December 24, 2005

When Travis Morgan, the Warlord of Skartaris, shares the joy of Christmas with his wife Tara, they unexpectedly receive the greatest gift of all. Guest starring Jennifer Morgan and the Scarab!


Challengers of the Unknown: The Secret War

by Libbylawrence
published April 7, 2006

Whatever happened to the original Secret Six? When they meet these forgotten adventurers from the past, the Challengers of the Unknown find out the truth behind the origins of that earlier heroic team and its founder, Mockingbird. But in the twenty years since they were formed, have the Secret Six remained heroes, or have they become villains?


All-American Men of War: This Old Man

by Drivtaan
published November 8, 2020

For many soldiers who fought for our freedoms, the war never really ends. As the old man called Sarge well knows, there are other battles to be fought, even in old age.

Our Army at War: Silent Night Patrol

by Drivtaan
published December 14, 2009

“Silent Night” is one of the world’s most well-known Christmas carols. But it takes on new meaning when seen through the eyes of an American soldier on patrol one Christmas Eve.