All-Star: 1969: Aquarius Redux

All-Star of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project


Times Past, 1969

Aquarius Redux

Part 4 of The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson, partially adapted from Justice League of America #73-74 by Dennis O’Neil and Dick Dillin

Showcase: Super-Stars of Space: Times Past, 1969: Aquarius ReduxAfter the Earth disappears, a handful of strange visitors from other planets — Kell Orr of Xenon and his twin son and daughter Larre and Kelle, Tharka the Superwoman, and Regor of Uuz — each independently investigate Earth’s disappearance. Yet are they prepared for the cause of Earth’s disappearance, the living star called Aquarius? Having just battled both the JSA and the JLA, Aquarius managed to trick the heroes into believing he was destroyed, when he actually fled into space with Starman’s cosmic rod. But Starman and Green Lantern guess the eons-old villain’s deception and track him into deep space. When the heroes of Earth rendezvous with the super-stars of space, will even their combined powers be enough to stop Aquarius?

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