Justice League of America: A New Beginning, Epilogue: What Happens Next


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The near-future:

“Dear God, I’m too late…”

Adam Strange landed on the ground. Strewn around him were the bodies of his friends — the membership of the JLA.

He carefully brought Green Arrow down the tree from which he was hanging upside down. He was still breathing, thankfully, but had a nasty bruise on his arm.

Over a few yards, he found Hawkman, his wings torn to shreds, his mask gone. Hawkwoman was in much the same condition. What he saw next almost made him vomit: the Flash was lying on the ground, his arm bent in an unnatural position.

As he approached Green Lantern, Adam noticed a string on the ground in front of him. He followed the string for a while until it dawned on him — this was no string, it was the Elongated Man. He found Ralph Dibny’s head (still attached, fortunately) a few yards away.

Zatanna was frozen in place, covered in a black substance. There was no telling what had happened to her.

“Oh, God…”

There was Steel, or what was left of him, lying in pieces on the ground. Someone had torn his mechanical limbs off.

Black Canary’s throat appeared to be bruised by a gigantic set of fingers. Wonder Woman was lying face-first in the dirt. Adam rolled her over. She was alive, barely, apparently the last to fall.

But he was missing a Leaguer. And as if on cue…

“Adam… get… away…”

Adam Strange looked away from Wonder Woman to see the Martian Manhunter stagger toward him; J’onn J’onzz’s body was covered in burns.

“J’onn! Who did this to you?”

“No time…”

As J’onn collapsed into Adam’s arms, his fingers tapped his JLA signal device, while Adam himself was flooded with the memories of what happened to the JLA.

Continued in Justice League of America: Pyre

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