Captain Comet’s Rehab Squad: Heroes and Villains, Prologue: Return of the Secret Society

by Libbylawrence

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Pamela Isley stretched luxuriously in the beams of light that streamed into her cell at Belle Reve Penitentiary in Louisiana. She enjoyed every tiny link to nature, even tenuous ones. Hey, a girl had to make do while she was incarcerated.

“Poison Ivy,” said a shadowy female figure who appeared in the beauty’s cell. “I offer you freedom in exchange for joining some like-minded individuals in a venture not without its rewards.”

She smiled a sultry grin and said, “I’ll always take up an offer like that.” She followed the shadowy figure to a spot in the middle of the cell, and the two women vanished, only to reappear elsewhere.

“Welcome, Poison Ivy,” said a handsome, muscular man with blond hair and beard. His costume was dark green and orange, with orange gloves and boots and a white comet symbol emblazoned on the front. “I am Starstriker, and I welcome you on behalf of our mysterious benefactor to the newly formed Secret Society of Super-Villains!”

“Thank you, kind sir,” she said with a mock curtsey.


However, a few hours later, Starstriker cursed as he realized that Poison Ivy had sneaked away not long after she’d first been brought there. She couldn’t stand working for a better-looking woman, he supposed as a shapely figure entered.

This blonde woman had been the one in the shadows who had freed Ivy to begin with. She seemed to answer to a boss all her own, but her power and allure were great enough for Starstriker to obey her. She wore a skimpy lavender outfit that covered only her torso, leaving her arms and legs bare, along with a pink cape of frilly, sheer material.

“I have a better idea than the spoiled Ivy,” she said. “I’d suggest recruiting the Plant Master — Jason Woodrue.”

“Great. How do we get him? Where is he?” asked Starstriker.

“I’ll locate him with my magic, and we’ll go from there. I also have the means to recruit another ally or two.”

“What of the find?” asked Starstriker, motioning his head toward another room where someone laid unconscious on a bed.

“She’ll do nicely,” said the woman in the shadows. “Best alter her costume so no one realizes just who the redhead was before we found her powerful form.”

“Fine. But even in a weakened state she’s strong enough to hurt both Dave and me,” he objected. “Can your witchcraft make even this strong-willed female serve us?”

“Your incessant whining is part of the reason why Captain Comet soundly trounced you before,” said the woman, pursing her pink lips. “He is twice the man you are. Of course the redhead will do my bidding, just as you and Super-Scavenger will do — or you’ll all die!”

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