Green Arrow and Mister Miracle: Sideshow Lowdown, Epilogue: The Show’s Over

by Martin Maenza

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A few hours later in the JLA Satellite, Green Arrow and Mister Miracle sat around discussing the case.

“I had actually heard rumors about Stock’s shows being a dangerous place to work,” Mister Miracle said. “Word like that tends to spread in my line of business, so I thought maybe I’d go check it out.” He took a sip of the coffee the archer had provided him. “I arrived there maybe a week or so before you did.”

“So, you had no clue Stock was up to insurance fraud?” Green Arrow asked.

“Nope,” the escape artist replied. “But when you showed up as Kingsley, I figured something must be up. I recognized you pretty much right away. After that, I was trying to get you alone so I could let you know who I was.”

Sorry about that,” Green Arrow apologized. “Still, I’m glad you were around, since things hadn’t gone quite the way I had planned. If not for you, I’d probably be dead at the bottom of a river.”

Mister Miracle laughed. “I guess I’m partly to blame for putting you into that position, anyway. But I’ve learned that sometimes the best way to get out of a tricky situation is to just go with the flow. Take whatever opportunities that present themselves.”

“I see your point, Miracle.” Green Arrow glanced at the clock on the console. “I hate to be a bad host and all, but we probably should be getting back planetside. I’ve got a pretty lady waiting for me back home, and I don’t want to keep Black Canary waiting any longer.”

“I hear you,” Mister Miracle said. “I’m sure my wife Barda is anxious to see me, too.” They started toward the transporter tube. “Say, I have an idea, Arrow. Maybe the four of us could get together sometime, under less stressful circumstances. It might be kind of fun for two heroic couples to hang out for a relaxing evening.”

Green Arrow nodded. “Perhaps,” he said. “You like chili?”

The End

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