Batman Family: A Terror Too Close, Book 2, Epilogue: How It All Ends

by Immortalwildcat

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As a new day dawned on Gotham City, Bruce Wayne stood in his study, looking out toward the city he loved and defended. “Is this how it all ends?” he asked. Even as he spoke, a new column of smoke rose from downtown. “I’ve brought down everything that menaced this city, from petty crooks to costumed madmen, to godlike beings from other dimensions. But when it’s all over, will it be this unexplainable Alien Alliance that brings this city down?”

“No, because you will do what you’ve always done, Bruce,” said a soothing female voice. “You will apply your intelligence, your indomitable will, and your perseverance to the problem, then you will use the talents of all of those you can call friend or ally, and together you will stop this menace.”

Bruce turned and smiled. “You make it sound so simple. And yet, I’m supposed to do this with one of my dearest friends in a coma, Dick grieving for his aunt, and knowing that you are back here in danger at any given moment.”

“No, you cannot think like that. Yes, I will be here. I will be in that room with Alfred, as will Dr. Dundee. If there is any sign of trouble around the Manor, we can take him right down into the cave from that room, and the boat is ready to go, complete with supplies.” Silver St. Cloud stood up and walked over to her lover. “Now, go. Batwoman, Robin, and Ragman will keep Gotham safe. Nightwing has already put aside his grief for the moment and left to gather the Titans. The League needs you, my love.” She lifted the cowl up and over his face, lowering it into place. “The world needs you.”

“God, Silver, I love you.” The Batman pulled her close in a kiss that lasted several minutes.

“Now, go save the world. Then come back to me.”

The End

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